CPAC 2018 / Don’t give a VUK Meet the Voter the Media Narrative says Does Exist

Yesterday I highlighted my short walking interview with Senator Ted Cruz before his speech, today as I wake up just before 9 AM after a very good 1:30 AM breakfast at Bob and Edith’s Diner in Arlington VA I want to tell you a story about what, in my opinion is the most telling and important interview I have done so far in the 60 videos I’ve shot since hitting CPAC.

This CPAC my sons are here as assistants and have, unlike me, taken advantage of the time to explore DC.  Wednesday the younger suggested a meal at a local place called VUK a combination pizza place and pinball arcade in Bethesda.

Machines at VUK

I’ve covered Pinball events and will be doing a big one in MA in about 4 months so it was a good fit but I filed it in the back of my mind too busy doing what I do here to consider it.  Thursday I was with Deb Heine (PJ Media, more from here later)  when John Hawkins and Sierra Marly swung by mentioning a road trip to a Brazilian
restaurant with a group.  The boys were still on the road and I gave them a call when they reminded me of our planned dinner at VUK which I had completely forgotten.

So, with some regret I declined and when my young men pulled up I joined them in the car and as my oldest had been driving a bit, took the wheel to head for Bethesda.  After about an hour in traffic we arrived.

If you are a pinball person let me highly recommend VUK as a place to go.  It is right across from a local multi story garage so parking isn’t an issue.  The Pizza is NY style, sold by the slice from 18-20″ pies that are available.  They are not only delicious but priced very reasonably,(particularly when compared to the restaurants at National Harbor).   The machine selection was excellent including classics like Creature From the Black Lagoon and two Jersey Jack machines, the Hobbit and Dialed IN and all the games are only 50 cents.

The Hobbit and Creature from the black Lagoon at VUK

The drink selection is limited to bottled beers, honest teas and some craft sodas, but again they are offered at reasonable prices and complement the experience.  There is seating for just under 30 but they also have a function room upstairs which I think might make an interesting CPAC event (Media vs the bloggers pinball next year?).  If you want to kick back with some Pizza, Pinball and beer, VUK (which stands for Vertical Up Kicker for those who are unfamiliar with pinball)  is the place to do it.

Within a few minutes of hitting the machines I realized what a good idea this had been.  All of the tension of being on the go and constant work disappeared after a just a few minutes of playing the silver ball, but the real game changer of the night came completely by accident.

Still got the touch

When my sons picked me up I was still in my suit, wearing my press credential with one camera around my neck and a second on my monopod.  It was that along with my grey beard,  rather than my fedora and scarf,  that made me stand out like a sore thumb and peaked the interest of a party of five sitting the window two tables away who asked who I was.  I explained I was down to cover CPAC, talked about my previous pinball coverage and struck up a conversation with these rather pleasant folks.

It stuck me at the time it would be a good story to contrast their answers to the questions I’ve been asking everyone at CPAC so I asked if any of them would consent to an interview.  Of the five one agreed.  Meet Lea

She is right about the quality of both the pizza and the pinball (and I played that total nuclear annihilation machine she talked about. I’d not seen it before, it’s a unique layout and a fun game) and if you do essential oils I’d give her online business a look but the real story of the night was her answers to my CPAC questions that I’ve been asking everyone here.

Now a person like my self who has covered angry mobs last year, and is constantly bathed in the political fight, not to mention the media narrative of absolute Trump / GOP hatred and constantly in the company of activists both at home and at CPAC,  might expect a Democrat woman of color living in a blue state to give answers fitting the us vs them narrative, particularly if filmed and in the presence of her friends.

She did not.

She gave the President mixed marks, complemented him on keeping campaign promises that he made to his people, noted that as a Democrat she’d like to see some more moderate moves. Her answers had none of the rancor or the division that the media has pushed on us for the year or that I’ve seen from angry activists. They were completely reasonable answers that would not have been out of place several decades ago in a saner time when I remembered people could disagree and get along. In other words they reflected who she is, a normal American trying to get by whose primary focus is real life instead of manufactured outrage.

This told me two things that are vital to understanding election 2018 and 2020.

Despite what our media friends are trying to sell us, Regular Democrats, even democrats in a blue place like Maryland are not wedded to the Peloxi/CNN/MSNBC line and are seeing this president for what he is rather than what they are being told he is.

People like Lea are winnable and the media narrative is all about convincing us she is not.

Now you might think I’m making too much of this one interview, but remember, she is a young person, with young friends (I would place the age range of the group from low to mid 20’s to one outlier in the mid 30’s) living in an Twitter/facebook , internet social media age. Furthermore the MSM has been telling me that a young woman of color like her has nothing but disdain for conservatives in general and Donald Trump in particular.

If you believe them she shouldn’t exist but there she is and if there is one Lea in a county of 300+ million there are likely hundreds of thousands of others out there not wedded to the MSM narrative of doom and gloom.

It’s a story that isn’t being found, but it can be, all you have to do is go outside the media bubble and see what is there, if one is willing to look.


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