30 Tips to Stay Married 30 Years, Today: #6 Live Modestly

Mr. Potter: Now let’s look at your side. A young man, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, married, making, say, forty a week.

George Bailey: Forty-five!

Mr. Potter: Forty-five. Forty-five. Out of which, after supporting your mother and paying your bills, you’re able to keep, say, ten, if you skimp. A child or two comes along and you won’t even be able to save the ten.

It’s a Wonderful Life 1946

There is a real trap that takes place early in marriage you’ve just come off a honeymoon. You’ve been showered with gifts and unlike year past you likely have two incomes coming in instead of one. It’s very easy with a start like this to begin living high or at least higher than you did before.

This is a trap worth dodging and that’s done by living modestly.

Early in the marriage is the time to build that nest egg for those inevitable expenses that will come. If you have some left over cash from the wedding, pay down or off your credit cards. If you don’t concentrate on eliminating any existing debts that you brought with you. The fastest way to get rich is to leave below your means, that’s also the fastest way to get out of debt.

If you were in the habit of eating out three times a week, make it two instead. Did you go out for lunch at work regularly, take a lunch instead. Put off that latest iPhone or TV upgrade or that new car and don’t worry what your neighbors or friends have. Do half of what you’re used to doing (and make that half count) and put that money aside.

Once your debts are gone build your savings. Get that first thousand in the bank and once it becomes two put that 2nd thousand in a CD and keep doing it. If you get a raise at work put that increase directly into savings, save up for that house and once you get that mortgage put an extra hundred or two toward it.

Money Problems are one of the most common sources of tension in marriage and will stalk a couple like a wolf at the door. Living modestly will keep that wolf at bay.

The 30 Tips to Say Married 30 years so far

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