30 Tips to Stay Married 30 Years: #10 Remember Birthdays and Anniversaries

Captain Parmenter: Now Jannie I told you I would write you, and I’ll even send you a birthday present every June.

Wrangler Jane: Thank you, and I won’t open it till November, [sobbing], on my BIRTHDAY!

F-Troop A Fort’s best friend is not a mother. 1966

I was actually planning a different tip to do next but yesterday was DaWife’s birthday so all the plans went out the window, which makes this a perfect time to put up this tip: Remember Birthday’s and Anniversaries.

Granted in these days of smartphones and various planners and Alexa who can remind you of days you’ve forgotten this tip seems almost anachronistic. But remembering a day is more than just knowing what the day is.

It’s actually celebrating said day, showing appreciation for the fact that your spouse is there, even if it just making up a silly song for a birthday (I recommend my “Hooray You’re not Dead!” song) to let said spouse know that you’re glad to share the day with them.

And one should always remember that while stuff is cool it tends to just accumulate, it’s time that is the greatest gift as we all have a limited amount of it (see the song above). Give that time to your spouse on that day and if it means something else goes by the wayside, such as posting is lite, your podcast late or even that the latest tip in the 30 tips to stay married 30 years misses a day, That’s OK too!

Next to your children your spouse and marriage should be of greatest value to you, act accordingly, particularly on the days that celebrate them.

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