30 Tips to stay Married 30 years Today’s Tip: #12 Pray

Rev John Witherspoon: Nowhere do you mention the supreme being. Why surely this is an oversight as how can we expect to win our independence without his help, therefore I humbly offer the following addition to your final paragraph: ‘With the firm reliance on the protection of divine providence.’

1776 (1972)

In the end any relationship is a case of putting up with another person and no matter how much you love, admire and esteem them, in the end there it’s all about being able to cope when the situation isn’t what you’d like it to be.

This is why prayer is so important here.

Prayer places your situation before one who is greater than the two of you. One who like a loving father wishes the success of your marriage and most importantly has both your and your spouses best interests at heart.

Furthermore regular prayer for your marriage creates a in imperative to continue to work at a marriage, even when things are not going as you might want. By keeping that imperative you will find yourself implicitly working toward the very goal you have in mind.

Both Jesus and St. Paul say that marriage creates a single flesh, regular prayer feeds the spiritual needs of that single body and will pay dividends far beyond one’s understanding.

It’s worth noting that this tip was once common knowledge, as the Venerable Fr. Patrick Payton said: “The family that prays together stays together” and at the time when this was the norm, families did.

Take advantage of the wisdom of your great grand parents and pray for your marriage and your spouse. You won’t regret it.

The 30 Tips to Say Married 30 years so far

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