An Incomplete Plan

by baldilocks

Interesting promo.

People often tell themselves that they will start their new diet, new exercise regime, or their new life, tomorrow. Either they are too stressed with stuff today, or need one last day to relax before permanently making the change. Then tomorrow comes, and the cycle repeats.

He’s not wrong.

Not being connected enough with your future self means that you cannot work towards acquiring what is necessary to reach your potential. Everything we aim to become comes with some costs. Failure to understand the current costs of your ideal future is robbing yourself of future freedom.

When people are asked to think about their future selves, they almost always say who they will be tomorrow is better than who they are today. They think they will be richer, happier, more successful, and more productive as life goes on. People rarely think that some terrible life event, or a gradual decline is likely to occur, even if they are not taking steps to improve themselves.

The piece is mostly about how to put financial self-improvement into action.

It got me to thinking. What if a person did everything suggested in the article and met each planned goal in the time allotted to him/her on this earth?

That person would still have to leave the earth. And assuming that there’s no afterlife, the only good reason to reach financial goals is to live well for a few years then leave something for the children.

I suppose I shouldn’t look for metaphysical musings in what is, essentially, a financial planning promotional piece. But when I read the title addressing the “enslavement” of one’s future self, I couldn’t help but think of that other future self – the one which will still exist in Heaven or in outer darkness when this ‘self’ appears to be gone.

And it seems to me that planning for that future self is not only more important, but indispensable.

Because that’s the only thing you will take with you when you leave here.

(Thanks to Zero Hedge)

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