Trains Not on Time in California

by baldilocks When depredation after depredation mandated promote and allowed by California's government, this should barely register in the Sweepstakes of Surprise. Trains along the popular Capitol Corridor are running later than before, and homeless camps are partly to blame. Rail officials say more people have trespassed on train tracks in the last year, forcing … Continue reading Trains Not on Time in California

The MSM Response to the Syria Strike: What Syria Strike?

A few days ago I noted that the because Trump's Syria strike caught both the MSM and the Democrat allies completely off guard meaning they had no chance to coordinate their message.  This meant that the MSM in general and CNN in particular was forced to play it straight. Given that the strike was a … Continue reading The MSM Response to the Syria Strike: What Syria Strike?

Trump’s Success in China

Did Chinese President Xi Jinping just blink in trade war stand-off with US? That exact headline comes from The South China Morning Post, a leading news organization in Hong Kong. I guess the U.S. media mavens who screamed about the dumb move Trump made against China had already turned their attention to the next round … Continue reading Trump’s Success in China