Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

Happy Friday! Here are some oddball things I came across, submitted for your enjoyment... It is "spring" here in New York's Scenic Hudson Valley, but The Winter That Will Not Die rained ice chips on me while I walked the dogs yesterday and there are still mounds of unmelted snow along side driveways and parking … Continue reading Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

Mike Isenberg: The Thread of Reason

A friend of mine has a new book out, here is a bit from the press release about it. When Islamic terror strikes,liberals insist that it has nothing to do with Islam. Author Michael Isenberg disagrees. His new book,The Thread of Reason,shows why. Not only is the ideology of terror deeply rooted in Muslim thought,going … Continue reading Mike Isenberg: The Thread of Reason

You Help Him, He Blesses You

Part of this process we are all going through, usually categorized under the label “being human,“ consists of those moments when we take stock of the situation, look around, look up, look within, and admit certain things hurt like hell but we’d just as soon not talk about them with anyone. It’s not that we … Continue reading You Help Him, He Blesses You