Cecile’s Legacy

The Twitterverse murmured #ThankYouCecile the other day to mark the end of Cecile Richards's tenure leading the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Hats off to the Babylon Bee for skewering that bit of social media hashtagging: "Woman Celebrated for Killing 3.5 Million People." That satirical bull's eye came just a few days after another one from … Continue reading Cecile’s Legacy

Did Michelle Wolf Sign the Brokaw Letter?

It just hit me that in all our critique of the Michelle Wolf business before an audience of reporters that something was missing. A Tom Brokaw joke. Here is a woman, supposedly speaking truth to power, who prides herself as a supporter of #metoo who had no problem hitting powerful influential republican women but didn't … Continue reading Did Michelle Wolf Sign the Brokaw Letter?