NFL Players and Sports Media Put the Final Nail into Election 2018 Coffin for Dems

Yesterday when the NFL came up with their new anthem policy my first thought was how lucky the Democrats were that this was going to be off the table and Democrats in general nationally and Democrat candidates in red districts in particular would not have to deal with an issue that is a no win for them.

If they oppose the kneelers they turn off the far left that they desperately need to win, if they support the kneelers then they turn off swing voters and motivate Trump voters to turn out.

All the left had to do is not over-react, say that this is a compromise that makes sure no player who doesn’t want to stand for the flag and anthem to do so while making sure that the flag is not disrespected. The issue would be gone, the President would not be able to hit the NFL during the campaign season on it (which corresponds to the NFL season) and the players, who as rich celebrities would still be able to bring issue to the forefront off of the field.

Nope, couldn’t do it.

Every single sports media station, every single SJW online and every single commentator seems to be hitting this as if the right to employees to offend their company’s customer base was enshrined in the constitution and already we’ve seen at least one owner publicly say they would cover any fines involved in players choose to defy it and signs that the players might decide to protest just to show that they can.

If you had to choose the one result that is most likely to elect republicans and hurt Democrats during the General election and empower the president this is it.

Oh and this reaction in my opinion officially ends any chance that Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick will get signed.