Why the Samantha Bee thing is much worse than Roseanne Barr in three sentences:

If you want to know why what Samantha Bee did is much worse than what Roseanne did it can be explained in just three sentences.

  1.  Nobody disputes that Roseanne Barr put our her now infamous tweet about Valerie Jarrett all by herself on the spur of the moment with no input from her personal account unrelated to her TV show.

2.  Samantha Bee put out her infamous lines about Ivanka Trump during the broadcast of her show Full Frontal as part of a planned segment.

3.  This means the words she spoke were written with deliberation by professional writers, successfully passed through Full Frontal’s / TBS decision making process and were considered suitable for broadcast before they were ever spoken on the air.

Yet Roseanne Barr’s apology for her spontaneous tweets was rejected and her #1 rated comedy cancelled on the spot while Samantha Bee’s apology for her deliberately planned segment broadcast nationally was accepted on the spot without penalty to either her or any involved in the decision making process that resulted in the segment in question.

This is why nobody buys the virtue signaling of the Harvey Weinstein media/left It simply doesn’t play outside of their enclaves anymore.

Update:  Somehow two words were dropped from the last sentence, fixed (Thanks to Vektor for the catch) and one more thing hit me.

There is a live audience for the taping of Full Frontal.  Did anyone in the audience object to the Ivanka stuff?  I’m not aware of any booing or people walking out or reacting negatively to it when it was done?  What does that say about that supposedly woke #metoo audience?