Nashua Republican “Steak Out” Matt Schlapp Steve Negron and More

Last Night Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union came up from DC to join the Nashua Republican City Committee for their 2018 “Steak Out” the 25th anniversary of their event.

As you might expect a lot of familiar faces are here, old friend Fred Doucette who saw Donald Trump coming before everyone else and was co chair of his 2016 NH campaign spoke to me again.

Also present was NH-2 Candidate Stewart Levanson who spoke to the crowd

Rep Steve Negron another candidate for congress in NH 2 ( who I interviewed here) had a pair of tables at the event. He also spoke to the crowd

and spoke to me after the speeches

had a pair of tables to Gov Sununu’s one.

And of course NO NH political event would be legal without Granite Grok crew who were not only present but were streaming the event live.

In terms of races there are some twists the Governor’s race Gov Sununu is considered pretty safe by, Real Clear Politics and given the strong economy he should be, although there is word that some grass roots folks are still upset about the Transgender bill he signed and angering the base is what cost Scott Brown a seat back in 2014. The Governor had a table but did not attend

In contrast New Hampshire’s entire Congressional representation to congress is now filled with Democrats and while Real Clear Politics has no polling they give the edge for the Dems to keep both the open seat in NH-1 (ranking leans dem) and NH-2 which includes Nashua (Likely Dem) however the gives the left sent a pair of Democrats to congress for the last several years. However the Trump boom is a piece of the equation combined with the degree that Democrats have gone over the top in terms of words and deeds, in my opinion is the thing that is going to give the eventual nominee whether Negron, Levenson or any of the others not in attendance an edge that the media is missing.

But for that we will need unity which is the message that Matt Schlapp of CPAC fame preached to the crowd in his speech, he reminded those in attendance that that conservatives might make up a good chunk of the electorate but we’d need a few more to bring us over the top.

My Camera tends to die at 20 minutes so I had to stop and restart which cost about 6 seconds of the speech

I spoke to him after his speech:

It remains to be seen if the GOP will be able to take his advice and maintain the house, but I suspect that if they followed Donald Trump’s lead of doing what he promises rather than equivocating they’d have a much better chance.

Note as I said the good folks at Granite Grok live streamed the event (you can seem me in the picture as I sat at the foot of the state filming. They also interviewed Matt and I’ll include that interview either in an update to this post or as a stand alone when it’s available.

Mr. Schlapp was kind enough to remark on the hard work he’s seen me to at CPAC and I’m grateful for those words of appreciation for my work.

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