If Bruce Bartlett is Right about Trump being Hitler we have to Stop the Caravan to Save Them

Via Wikipedia Italy

Steve: What’s all this barbed wire for?

Professor Horatio Smith: We are at the German-Swiss frontier, gentlemen. And the barbed wire is to prevent the oppressed Swiss from escaping into free Germany.

Pimpernell Smith 1941

I had another post planned but this was so stupid that it needs to be answered.

This is supposedly a serious tweet by a serious person who once held serious positions in the government.

My answer to him on twitter was as follows

And of course if Trump WAS Hitler then all these people who would call him Hitler would have been killed long before they had a chance to say so, but for those who don’t want to deal with logic lets put it another way.

If Trump was actually Hitler then why are caravans folks from Central America rushing to get into a country ruled by Hitler? Why would they be fleeing their homelands to attempt to be ruled by Hitler and why isn’t Mexico and all the other nations involved making sure they don’t proceed to keep them from falling in the hands of another Hitler.

In fact if Trump is Hitler then the left should INSIST on the construction of the wall ASAP because they certainly don’t want to have poor Mexicans, or Central Americans or South Americans or Middle Easterners leaving their homelands to be ruled by Hitler do they?

But the real reason we keep hearing this “Trump is Hitler” nonsense from the media and left is that it allows them to justify lethal force being used against those who vote GOP (after all they’re voting for Hitler) against GOP Lawmakers such as Steve Scalise and Rand Paul (They’re voting for Hitler’s programs!) and will be the defense used by the leftist(s) who try to murder the President.

After all who can be against killing Hitler? I’m sure the next fellow who tries to murder President Trump can count on Bruce Bartlett to testify in his defense.