Will a defeated left turn to Violence & Civil War? Only if they’re stupider than I think

Bring it on

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Last week I wrote that For the Left November 6th 2018 is going to make November 8th 2016 Look like a Mild Disappointment

Think about it. You’ve got Hollywood, the media, the Tech giants and big education behind you. You’ve got tends of millions of dollars being spent in races all over the country and you and yours. you’ve got every possible advantage going your way. Add to that you and your allies are completely energized and engaged, literally counting the days until the election so you can defeat Donald Trump…

…and you STILL lose.

How will they deal with the realization that their anger, rage and panic over Donald Trump is not shared by the voting public?

While the meltdown will be fun to watch when it’s all done a much more serious moment will arrive.

Having failed to realize that their tactics and message aren’t working and in fact might be costing them power the Democrat/left will have to make one of three choices.

The first and the smart choice would be to moderate, to realize that socialism and open boarders are not a winning policy, to decide that people who worship God are not a bunch of dunces and make an honest attempt to recruit candidates who can appeal to the general public instead of the gender studies department of an expensive university. This would be the smart thing politically and give the Democrats a chance to rebuild.

This is the right thing and the smart thing both long term and short term and therefore I suspect the Democrat left, deeply rooted in unreality will not do it.

The second choice is denial as described in this piece at bearing arms:

It’s also possible that a couple of wins for Democrats in the right places–such as the Florida governor’s race, where the Democrat holds a strong lead over his opponent–might be enough to stave off the destruction for a time. Instead, what wins there are will be spun as evidence that the tide is turning against President Trump and that it’s a huge victory for the left.

Now I think the Democrat lead in Florida is smoke and mirrors but let’s say they do well in that state and maybe Wisconsin, then they might go this route on the theory that it allows them to not have to make the decision to moderate yet, after all two years in an eternity in politics and a million different things could happen with Trump, the economy et/al.  The advantage of this plan is it keeps the confrontation with their new base from taking place which amazingly consists of groups whose stated goals are diametrically opposed to wit:

Expect the Democrat establishment and media to play this card if humanly possible the real question is: will the base go along with it?   I’m betting not so much but in terms of what’s best for the country it’s better than the third option.

And that third option is riots and violence and perhaps even attempts to provoke civil war.

Now some of you might think this is nonsense and I wish to God you were right. But for the last several years we have seen as illustrated by ace the whole “kill trump” meme condoned and celebrated by the left.  Antifa has been cheered and authority ceded to them in leftist cities.  Violence and intimidation, as long as it is directed against conservatives has been either minimized, condoned or ignored while at the same time in the media, in the university and all over social media platforms and from Hollywood we have had the left insist that Donald Trump and anyone who supports him is a Nazi or worse whose ultimate aim is the most vile and violent acts against them.

Is it any wonder that we see stuff like this:

stated openly, without critique, without rebuke and without any risk to reputation or employment because of the hope that such a statement might generate one more vote for Democrats nationwide?

So when this defeat takes place and those fools who have bought into this narrative of Trump and his supporters are out to get them and must be stopped the violent left, seeing that the electoral process won’t get them power will now decide that the actual physical destruction of their foes is the only option to save them?

There is a real chance that the Antifa / Black Lives Matter crowd will decide to escalate into violence in the tradition of the Weathermen and the Black Panthers.  This possibility has disaster written all over it for Democrats as it has three inherent problems.

The first it’s unlikely to be embraced by black and Hispanics voters enjoying prosperity:

As a group, DILEs [Democratic/Independent Liberal Elites]  are younger, whiter, richer and better-educated than the rest of the country. Strikingly, it is the only cohort across the political spectrum not to rank jobs and the economy as a top priority, preferring the environment and climate change. Polls show that people like Winston’s DILEs are also far less religious and far more socially liberal than the rest of the Democratic Party on issues like abortion and LGBT rights. 

If you’ve seen ANTIFA up close you’ll notice right away that they’re whiter than wonder bread and are charter members of the DILE crowd.  A bunch of white elites in masks breaking things won’t win over blacks and Hispanics who now have jobs and want to keep them.

The second problem of course is that if the black lives matter crowd descends into violence (and some might argue that this has already happened in some cities it  but the MSM has decided it’s a “local issue” and not reported on it) justifying it per the results of election 2018 it will even further hurt the left in swing districts that they need to win in 2020 and beyond and further drive minority voters, more interested in getting ahead in the best economic times in years, to the party that’s providing it.

But the real kicker is if this violence comes it will almost certainly be directed in cities controlled by the left that haven’t seen a GOP mayor or city council in decades, because if the left as a group decides that violent revolution is a good idea they will find that directing it against conservatives in areas where conservatives are solicitous of their 2nd amendment rights will not end well for them.

And while the left might believe another “Kent State” might be useful electorally, particularly if instead of troops or police, shots are fired by Trump voters , unlike the last once they won’t control the message.

Kent State was a watershed for the left because their narrative was the providence of an anti-war media trusted by a nation who were able to sell it to them unopposed.  A “Kent State where these is cellphone video of the crowd attacking citizens or police with violent force before being countered by force is very different narrative than one the left wants to build.  In the age of the selfie a media tarnished by the “fake news” moniker isn’t going to get the public to buy violent protesters as victims.

The reality is the violent extremists of the left are primary a threat not to the right but to the left.  Mr. Cromwell might be right about blood in the streets but it will likely be Democrat blood in Democrat streets and I suspect that once the Democrat elites realize that said blood threatens them they’ll want no part of it.  I suspect any such rampage will end with the amusing spectacle of Democrat mayors and or Democrat governors begging President Trump for help as people who have lived comfortably in the Kindergarten of Eden who scream “Nazi” at the sight of Donald Trump discover the difference between pretend danger and violence and the real thing.

Perhaps those screaming “revolution” should ask themselves:  Are you really going to raise an Army to overthrow Donald Trump out of a lot of rich pampered kids who need safe spaces and counseling if Steven Crowder shows up to speak at their college?  I don’t think so.

But if I’m wrong and the left does go this route it will certainly be interesting to watch the Nancy Pelosi’s Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters of the world try to put the monster they have unleashed back it it’s cage.  It will be even more interesting when they come crawling to Trump to do it for them.

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  1. It seems, in retrospect, that they ARE stupider than you thought.

    I suspect it’s going to get worse when their temper tantrum results in Trump clearly getting re-elected.

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