#GrabThemByTheBallot: Libs drop trou . . . again

Lady Godiva rode her horse through town in the buff some 800 years ago, and ever since, exhibitionist women have been taking it off for a cause, even when no one is going to name a brand of chocolates after them.

The latest are the #GrabThemByTheBallot women, who I suppose mean to attract Pres. Trump’s attention,

Dawn Robertson, 48, decided to organize the photo shoot with a cast of diverse women of different sizes, sexual orientations and races after #MeToo allegations against prominent figures continued to rise.

She said the Republican party‘s attack on women’s reproductive rights and transgender people’s rights also played a part.

Notice the buzz words: diverse, #MeToo, Republicans, abortion and transgender. You can fill the PC Bingo card.

Like powerless two year olds throwing a tantrum, today’s culture war from the Left involves taking it all off.

Robertson is not the first late middle-aged exhibitionist; the chick flick Calendar Girls beat her to it fifteen years ago, but here they are, wearing red scarves (red? why red??)

They don’t look too happy, but then, they’re  not wearing clothes and it’s cold inn Vermont. At least Florida’s warm and our ballots are big enough you can make a paper dress.

And what’s with the arrow?

But I digress.

The tweet proclaims them “Naked and unafraid.”

Unafraid of what? Of looking silly for objectifying themselves and sexualizing politics once more?

Or are they afraid that someone will catch the subliminal message,


Fausta Rodríguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin America at Fausta’s Blog.