I Am A Racist, Not A Victim!

It’s troubling when you see the failure of American institutions close up.

As I was waiting for my takeout order at a local Chinese restaurant, five black teenagers ran into the store and started to steal stuff.

I instinctively grabbed one of the five girls and held her while I asked people to call the cops. No one did. In fact, one of the Chinese workers said to let her go.

As I walked out with my order, the girl stood menacingly at the door to block my way.

“Step aside, or I WILL hurt you,” I told her, and she walked outside.

There, she joined her friends who surrounded me. One of them spit on me as they all shouted at me, calling me names.

Fortunately, I have extensive training in martial arts. One quick karate display and a loud shout sent them all running away, but they threatened to come back with their fathers.

A few hours later, police broke up a huge fight a few miles away, involving nearly 200 high school students, leaving more than a dozen cops injured. https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2018/10/16/police-at-least-1-arrest-following-large-fight-in-hunting-park/

So what’s wrong with this picture?

No one intervened to help me. No one called the cops.

My university has one of the largest police forces in the state, and the incident happened a block away from the headquarters. The cops didn’t notice anything wrong. But I could lose my job for violating the university’s policy against carrying a weapon.

Liberal educational policies have failed to teach these girls anything. Parents apparently have abdicated their responsibilities.

Someday one, if not all, of these girls will hurt someone. It is likely that some of these girls are headed for prison.

Finally, many of my colleagues and my students would consider this column racist. To them, the girls are the victims, not me.