Non Tweets Under the Fedora for Dec 12 Google Clinton and Kids

Listening to the Democrats claim that Google’s Censorship of conservatives is fantasy brings to mind the days when Democrats when Democrats claimed that oppression of blacks in the south or repressing their right to vote was exaggerated.

Some things never change.

In Superbowl XLIX Seattle let themselves be drawn outside with under 30 seconds to go thus proving to the Patriots that if you want to win a championship you have to play the full 60 minutes of a football game and not 59:30. Sunday, the Miami Dolphins proved it to the Patriots once again in a way they found much less pleasant, but is now called the Miami Miracle.

It’s worth remembering even as James Comey jumps through hoops to please them that he was considered public enemy #1 of the Democrats and the left up to the very day that he was fired by President Trump.

Hillary Clinton have interrupted her not very well paying tour to travel to India for a wedding and Don Surber explains why in a single quote:

“I’m a businessman, I contribute to everybody. That’s part of the problem with the system. I contribute to everybody. When I need Hillary, she is there. If I say go to my wedding, they go to my wedding,”

Hillary is what she has always been.

I’m old enough to remember when there wasn’t a debate concerning children being left to their own judgement. Now we actually have people of education suggesting that six year olds, eight year olds etc should be voting and that supposedly wise people feel the need to debate this issue.

People’s unwillingness to call stupidity, stupidity is one of the worst curses our modern society has.