Family Conversation

by baldilocks

Here’s the response from my cousin, Dyllan J. Griffin, to my post, Freedom from Religion. Like he says, we don’t disagree on much. 

I happen to follow an organization called The Freedom From Religion Foundation that champions the right of non-religious citizens. I thoroughly support their practice of fighting to remove religious iconography from public property such as The Ten Commandments from state and federal buildings and land. I firmly support a separation of church and states as a fundamental core tenant of American society.
Before we get into that discussion, however, I must offer a few corrections from her blog post.
1.       I’m actually not and have never been atheist. I’ve firmly asserted the position of agnostic throughout my life as I know some questions simply do not have answers that any person or belief system can ever answer.
2.       While I did grow up Catholic, I never actually served as an altar boy, though, I did desire to do so during my pre-teen years. I never truly believed in it, and looking back now see it wouldn’t have really worked out that well. I mean, I ran into issues during Catechism because even by seven years old I asked too many questions and didn’t simply accept any word as infallible. I wanted to know why and nobody I asked could sufficiently answer that question.

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