My 2018 Posts That You Might Not Have Noticed

by baldilocks

In order of earliest to most recent, these are some of my favorite posts from last year. They didn’t necessarily get the most traffic, but I liked them — mostly due to cracking myself up.


Libyan Slave Markets and Jumping Into The Fire

We all know that Arab Muslims have been buying and selling black Africans for centuries, right

Halfrican Keeps it Real About Why 3rd World Immigrants Come to America

A nation cannot be transformed through its leaders alone. But it can be manipulated by indoctrinating leaders and planting them.

The New Fun Tastes Funny

May they all remove themselves from my lawn with prejudice

Turning Around: A Suggestion

It’s about the ugliness of the human heart. And when that ugliness goes unchecked, it becomes corporate. It goes from individual, to family, to tribe, to nation. And If you read any type of history, it’s the norm, not the exception.

These Are Some Really Strange Bedfellows

With Louis Farrakhan’s well-known anti-Semitism, hatred of whites, and alliance with the Women’s March and the Congressional Black Caucus being in the news, I am reminded of something startling that I talked about back in 2012.

Altared State

I’ve been thinking of the concept of eternal life and I’ve concluded that most people, even Christians, only give lip-service to the concept until someone we love dies – especially if that person dies young.

Musings on Ridicule

When people laugh derisively at something you say – and tell you that this is what they are doing – they do it with the assumption that this type of laughter will wound you in some way. But what happens if this has no effect on you?

Justice Stevens Keeps It Real

Nice of Mr. Justice Stevens to dispense with the mealy-mouthed lie that many gun control advocates use: that “we don’t want to take your guns away.” His bluntness — a characteristic often found in senior citizens who have retired – is very refreshing.

You Say You Want Independent Journalism

This weekend at my blog, I was griping about having known about and having publicized the strange alliance between Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the “Church” of Scientology only to have National Review talk about and get all the huzzahs.

Figment Jesus

I cannot find an explicit or implicit indication of this rah-rah Team Jesus, phantom Uniter-not-a-Divider that people keep conjuring.

Trump Forces the IC Elite to Squeal

The recent screaming fit thrown by [Obama-era CIA Director John] Brennan after President Trump revoked his access exposed that there are two sets of rules in the intelligence community: one for the lords and another for us serfs.

God Was Right

Leftists tell us that abstinence is impossible, but their “solutions” lead to dead ends, sometimes literally in the cases of abortion.

Make Them Push You Off the Battlefield

[T]he fact that Twitter sees fit to take out the high rolling personalities — like my friend, Thomas Wictor, who was suspended in September, IIRC — shows that the Left is afraid.

You want your enemies to be afraid.

Troll-Feeding and You

Never get angry or offended at what a troll says. Remember that they don’t know you. They barely know themselves.


Here’s something we all are prone to doing when perusing a text with which we are very familiar: forgetting what certain words and concepts mean, and, therefrom, the implications.

Bottom’s up to the New Year!

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