Your Five Favorite Posts of 2018 and a Special Honorable Mention

2018 was a very down year for me, It was the 1st year since 2014 that my traffic dropped although this year’s 22% drop pales next to ’14’s 54% it’s quite a disappointment after three straight years of 10% growth or better.

Bad year or no there were post that lead the rest and in this post we celebrate the five most popular post of the year and an interesting honorable mention from times past.

  • #5 Last Days of the European Christmas Markets by Baldilocks 12-15

This is the first of three from our record breaking December that saved the year’s traffic and our 2nd best since Dec 2013 and the topic is the end of the European Christmas markets courtsey of Islamic terror and “migrants”

I’m not see a ramp-up pattern, but, like Mark, I’m wondering what will be the final state of Christmas Markets in the countries which have followed the EU mandate that member nations are to “allow” persons from Islamic countries to seek refuge.

The EU honchos knew — from experience — that periodic terror attacks would be part of their refugee mandate.  I contend that this is a feature and not a bug in their plan. They don’t “lack the will” to do anything about it; what we are seeing 
is their will.

To the Modern Left Christianity has always been the great enemy who must be defeated even at the cost of their own lives.

  • #4 Secret Weapon by Baldilocks 12-8-18

The 2nd of three appearances of Baldilocks on this list and the 2nd from December. Here Juliette writes about the FBI and government being the target of a sting:

The real whistleblower, who has ALL the materials in hard copy – and is being protected – is another person, a second whistleblower, as revealed by John Solomon on ‘Hannity’ on 30 November, 2018.
And who is turning up to Congress, if reports are to be believed, next week.
Whoever ordered the raid was deceived and is now exposed. And if I’m correct, it was by Trump’s spooks.

More information about the FBI raid 
If this speculation is true, it’s a mind-blower. The rest of the blog post is even more fascinating.
You might be asking, “if this is true, why is Quod Verum posting about it and why are you sharing it?” Well, again, it’s mere supposition and it’s over. And the point is that selling woof tickets on Twitter — or anywhere else — is almost useless; it’s secure planning, execution that matter. Oh yes, and deception. Like the man said: all war is deception.

If this is correct it’s one of the most significant stories of the year and will prove bigger as time goes by.

#3 DatechGuy Reads the Mueller Indictment Some Fun Facts (expect Updates) Where’s the Beef 2-16-18

My first post on the list and the first before December was a bit lucky as the Mueller Indictment came out at a moment when I had time to read it and comment at once:

section 30d notes a defendants’ trip to Atlanta for four days in 2014 and the submission of an expense account to his bosses, quelle horror!

Section 34 will get ignored a lot as it notes that the groups posed as black lives matters activists, muslim activists, christian activists, border activists and groups like “south united”.  This suggests they were playing all sides which won’t fit the media narrative.

Section 35  notes they spend “thousands of dollars of US dollars a month” on social media ads.  Seriously THOUSANDS of Dollars a month?  Are you kidding me?

section 41 talks about identity theft including social security numbers, again this could be a charge of against the DACA kids.

There is nothing that discredits the entire Mueller investigation better than the actual filings vs the media speculation about it.

Both my final entry on the list and the final item from a popular December focused on the left hitting the Knights.

I’ll wager that if you go into the history of the Democrat party you’ll find an awful lot of Knights of Columbus members (Could you imagine Nancy Pelosi’s dad or Tip O’Neil denouncing the Knights?) but this is the modern Democrat party and in this brand new version of the party if you are a believing Catholic you are the enemy.

The Democrats are not so much a secular party as an anti-christian one and Pope Francis not withstanding the Catholic faith is the only Christian denomination which hasn’t played with doctrine to suit the left.

Before we get to #1 let’s briefly list the rest of the top 10

All these posts were good but when I looked at the top posts of the year the most interesting entry was the post: Doctor Who Goes SJW Ghostbusters so after 41 years I’m Done. That it cracked my top 25 (23rd) was interesting because of the date it was written; July 16th 2017

Now Mr. Chibnall is a good writer (Boradchurch season 1 & 2 are excellent season 3 so far meh) and Ms. Whitaker is a passable actress so I don’t doubt that there will be some interesting stories, in fact I predict that the first half Ms. Whitaker’s first season will do quite well ratings wise, maybe even well in terms of merchandising, however I suspect by the 2nd season it will be Sylvester McCoy and 1989 all over again, but the BBC will do their best to ignore it because they can’t let the first female doctor fail. They’ll retain quite few of the older viewers and a good part of the cult fan base, but in the end instead of national and international institution that gets kids and their families and hold them for generations, it will become just another BBC Drama.

As the BBC has eliminated the Christmas Special, moved it to New Years Day 2019 and made it the ONLY Doctor Who episode for 2019 I can see why this post has drawn interest. According to my son there are only two episodes of this season that I would recognize as Doctor Who but as I’ve watched exactly 0 minutes of the season it doesn’t really matter.

And now the #1 post of the year it comes from May 1st of 2018 and is Baldilocks 3rd entry in the top 5 and fifth in the top ten titled:

Kanye Has Them Shaking in Their Boots

Back in 2003, when I started blogging, conservatives who are black were very popular. They (we) are now also, because we still are so few in relative numbers.

And, for the most part, we were and are regular citizens. Even the very popular Candace Owens, Diamond and Silk, and Terrance Williams – persons with eloquence and/or humor – began as everyday persons who used technology and their gifts to make their points and express their support for Donald Trump and for conservative ideas.

And this is what makes long-time Trump supporter Kanye West different from the rest of us who refuse to toe the Democrat line. His hip-hop composed platform was already built. All he had to do is climb up and begin to speak. In his case, mere agreement with Owens began an avalanche.

Neutralizing West was important enough to allow actual physical threats were made upon him

Many conservative observers have predicted that West will be pushed back into line, and, indeed, the attempts have already been made. A member of the Crips – that long-time terrorizer of law-abiding black and other Southern Californians — has warned West to stay out of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Or else. 

I think the threat was the most important part of the story and it’s real significance is this: If a man as public as Kanye could be threatened without cost how safe would the average black american feel in publicly supporting Trump?

Well those are the posts you liked last year, may we produce many more to your liking in 2019

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