Andre Galloway Jazmine Barnes & DaTechGuy’s Third Law of Media Outrage

The are few things more predictable than the MSM’s reaction to a potential news story and it is that predictability that is the basis of DaTechGuy’s Laws of Media Outrage the first is this:

The level of Outrage or interest of the media and their allies on the left concerning any insult or prevarication concerning a person or thing will routinely be equal to the inverse of the degree of the political distance between said media / leftists and the target of said insult or prevarication at the time it is made

DaTechGuy’s 1st Law of Media Outrage

This was quickly followed by the 2nd

The level of acceptance of the positions and/or actions of any group or organization by the left and media is directly proportional to their current or potential value in electing liberal Democrats.

DatechGuy’s 2nd Law of Media Outrage

While these laws are pretty solid while writing yesterdays piece on the murders of Andre Galloway, a 16 year old black youth in Baltimore with no criminal history, and Jazmine Barnes a black seven year old girl also with no criminal history. It occured to me that while my two existing laws were correct they only covered events involving activists and pols and did not address how the media reactions when the people involved are not national figures.

Jazmine Barnes murder became a national cause célèbre repeatedly promoted, discussed and debated all across the msm right up until it turned out that the killers were two black men and not the white fellow that witnesses had all claimed at the beginning. This incidentally hasn’t stopped the person originally fingered by activists from remaining under threat:

The family of a man whose photo went viral on social media as a possible suspect in the murder of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes is telling everyone to “back off.”
Hailey Cantrell says despite the arrests of two suspects in the murder case, as recent as Monday, there have been threatening comments on her Facebook page regarding her uncle, Robert Cantrell.
“I hear, ‘Someone is going to rape, torture and murder the women and children in your family,” Hailey read from one comment.

I suspect this had a lot to do with Sean “I’m black really I am” King fingering the man via twitter but King insists it has nothing to do with race:

Meanwhile after a full year neither the MSM nor King has had anything to say about the still unsolved murder of Andre Galloway which gained the scant prominence it did due to the fact that his was the 1st of Baltimore’s 300+ murders of 2018.

Clearly the lack of a racial angle made Andre Galloway’s murder uninteresting to the MSM but if a racial angle can be found even the most mundane events can, facts not withstanding become a national story

The media claimed that a white woman called the police on a black woman who was merely standing in the doorway of an apartment building because she hates The Blacks.
But the woman waiting in the doorway wasn’t black. She was Hispanic. Her name is Obregon. This should have been a tip-off that she was Hispanic rather than black.
The woman who called the cops wasn’t white. She, too, was Hispanic. Her name is Torres. This should have been a tip-off that she was also Hispanic rather than white.
So we have a truly non-racial situation here — a person of one race calling the cops on a person of the same race.
And she called the cops because she’s autistic and found the presence of a strange woman in her doorway out-of-the-ordinary and therefore #Triggering in the real, non-stupid sense of the word.
Other than that — great job, media!

and isn’t all that interested in correcting the story when they’re wrong:

Months later, the internet still knows Torres as “Doorway Debbie.” She has made numerous attempts at suicide. “I felt that nobody was going to do anything, no one was going to face any repercussions unless I were to kill myself,” Torres said. “I tried to kill myself, I cut myself. I just felt so done and I felt ‘this is never going to get better,’” Emily Crane’s story
 covering Obregon’s and Torres’ interaction at the Daily Mail was deleted without any sort of retraction. Others still have not corrected their stories (
Ebony Magazine, etc.) . Others made changes to the headline from “white woman calls the cops on black woman” to “woman calls cops on woman” without explaining on the bottom of the article that the original post was corrected, as journalistic ethics require.

And it’s stuff like this that has encouraged race hoaxers such as the one in Lunenberg years ago that cost the town it’s Thanksgiving football game that year figuring that there would be no legal repercussions if caught. As I wrote at the time:

You see the primary suspect in this story is no longer the largely white football team in a small town but the mother of the supposed target of the racist graffiti. It is no longer a story about racism, it is about yet another race hoax. If the team had still been the suspect and racism been the theme and the DA a republican the decision to not press charges would be a source of national outrage and coverage but remember the rule we stated yesterday.

I submit & suggest it’s because all of these stories involve Democrats and their national memes and Democrats understand that when it comes to such stories MSM immediately recognizes them as unnewsworthy.

We have reached a point where it is no longer necessary to submit and suggest this idea so it is now time to formalize DaTechGuy’s Third Law of Media Outrage:

The MSM’s elevation and continued classification of any story as Nationally Newsworthy rather than only of local interest is in direct correlation to said story’s current ability to affirm any current Democrat/Liberal/Media meme/talking point, particularly on the subject of race or sexuality.

It’s worth noting that nowhere in the law listed above does the actual subject of the story mentioned. Graffiti on on the side of a house? A call to the police over a person in an apartment? A person having problems ordering a pizza? All are stories are worth national attention from the moment they support Democrats talking points and remain so right up until the moment that the facts fail that test.

Meanwhile drive by shootings, beatings and murder, even if they are race based, are not national stories if they don’t support the talking points and memes that the left wishes to advance.

That’s not how it should be, but that’s how it is.

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