Non Tweets 1/22/19 Brady IS Mongo, Bad Calls in NO, What March for Life? Covington Virtue & Sable’s back

I had to work on Sunday so I didn’t get to watch Tom Brady do what Tom Brady does (and the “It’s not every day your team gets to the championship game.” argument doesn’t work in NE these days. But when I saw during breaks that Brady kept driving down the field all I could think of was the the National & Boston media who spent two years saying they should have traded Brady & Kept Jimmy G as Clevon Little putting on his gun belt and Gene Wilder saing to him. “No No, Don’t do that, don’t do that, if you shoot him you’ll just make him mad.”

When it comes to football Brady IS Mongo and the media has made him mad, it remains to be seen if Goff can deliver a candy-gram in two weeks.

Still wish we had Jimmy G instead?

One never knows what would have happened if the Pass Interference call had been made in New Orleans at the end of the game and the Saints could have won that game in overtime but I must say that you have to go back to game 7 of the 1985 World Series to see a call blown so badly that cost a team a championship.

In addition to pointing out that if the Covington High School was a private Islamic School that the media would have never run with their story without checking the facts have you noticed that this fake story was practically the ONLY coverage of the March for Life in the MSM?

I know I already alluded to this yesterday but given what we just saw concerning the Buzzfeed story how can any sane conservative have jumped on the Covington story without vetting it? Are they so desperate to prove to the MSM types that they belong to the club that they couldn’t have waited a day?

If I’m Trump I invite them to the White House and talk about how he understands what it’s like to be smeared by fake news.

Finally if you were with me from the VERY beginning you might remember a post or two about the SABLE (formally GERBL in the mid 80’s) tabletop baseball league. Well it’s 32 years since we played our first game, 8 years since I was a part of it and five years since the league played it’s last game. But we’re back, with some of the same folks that were playing back in 1985 only we’re playing Dynasty Online because some of us are no longer living in Fitchburg MA. We are playing an all time team league and I’ll be managing the 1924 Washington Senators, a team with no power and one pitcher (Walter Johnson) which will be opening at home against Bob Gibson and the 1967 St. Louis Cardinals, before traveling to Fenway to face the 2004 Red Sox.

Wish me luck this season I’ll need it.