For the Children, If They Make It Out of the Womb…

pro-life and pro-abortion signs

I had the joyful privilege of going to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life on January 18. It’s an inspiring event. It fortifies me for the pro-life work, political and otherwise, that awaits me back home.

It also prepares me to move ahead in hope, even when the news dumps items like the following in our collective lap: New York and Speaker Pelosi, take your bows.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered certain high-profile buildings to be illuminated in pink this week, in celebration of the state’s new no-holds-barred abortion policy.  

He couldn’t even nod in the direction of civilization by advocating for children who survive attempted abortion. Nope; that apparently comes too close to undermining someone’s rights. I’m not hanging the whole mess on Governor Cuomo. He shares responsibility with the state Senate and Assembly for making New York a Gosnell-friendly state.

As for Speaker Pelosi, a tip of the fedora to Shane Vander Hart of the Caffeinated Thoughts blog, for his take on her opening move as Congress convened a few weeks ago. From his post:

…Upon taking the gavel from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) [Pelosi] was joined by her grandchildren and children of other members of Congress who were present. After taking the oath of office she gaveled Congress into order saying, “I now call the House to order on behalf of all of America’s children. Go, kids! Go, kids! Go, kids!”

All of America’s kids?
“Go kids!” unless you happen to be unborn. Pelosi certainly did not gavel the House into order for them. Instead, she will preside over a bill to end the partial government shutdown that seeks to reinstate taxpayer funding for abortion overseas. Her caucus has a growing number of members who aim to eliminate the Hyde Amendment that prevents taxpayer funding for abortion at home.

Not that Speaker Pelosi said anything unexpected, but kudos to Shane for calling her out.

So, situation normal: politics means uphill work for the right to life. Good thing that political action is only one aspect, and far from the most important one, of pro-life work.

Ellen Kolb writes about the life issues at When she’s not writing, she’s probably hiking on a New Hampshire trail.