Non Tweets 1-23-19 Trump Takes DaTechGuy’s Advice, Phillips at Mass, Kurt Thanks Andrew, Ichrio’s Back, Rivera & the HOF

Yesterday I suggested that President Trump should invite the Covington boys to the White House, later that day he did so. It’s the smart move, the longer this story is in the news the worse the left comes off in states where they need votes and the more likely that freshman dems in the house will find themselves forced to take a stand. Furthermore his involvement will likely cause others who might have backed off or apologized to foolishly double down.

Today we found out that in addition to not being a “Vietnam” vet (He was a Marine) Nathan Phillips and company apparently tried to disrupt a Mass at the national basilica of the Immaculate Conception but were stopped by the guards. For those who don’t know the Knights of Columbus serve in that capacity at that location, so I’ll expect Senator Hirono to accuse them of interfering with the right of free expression.

There have been many words said about the Covington affair but the most accurate ones came from this Kurt Schlichter tweet.

Or to paraphrase a famous line from US history. Never forget it is to Andrew Breitbart that you owe this victory to.  Which leads to the obvious question: How many fake covington’s have we been sold by the MSM over the years?

The Seattle Mariners have resigned Ichrio to a minor league contract which will allow him, if he is physically able, to play in their opening series in Japan this year. As Ichrio is one of my all time favorites anything that gives fans one more chance to see him in action is a positive to me. From a quick look at his stats I see the only milestones he hasn’t achieved are: 3100 hits (11 away) and 100 triples (4 away) and 10,000 At Bats (71 away). It is highly unlikely that would manage to achieve either of the first two during a short series and it’s impossible for him to manage the last, but none of this matters next to having him on the field again and if it means we wait one more year for him to make Cooperstown, that’s fine with me.

Finally the Baseball Hall of Fame voting was released today, there were a few disappointments, Curt Schilling continues to be punished for being conservative, Barry Bonds and Clemens for juicing or suspected juicing and my favorite Omar Visquel for being the wrong type of great player. As for the inductees I was slightly surprised, but not disappointed to see Mussina make it in. I was not surprised at all to see Ray Halladay make it in but I submit that had he not died tragically he would have waited another year or two, Edgar Martinez DEFINITELY shouldn’t have had to wait till his final year of eligibility and I suspect Harold Baines election helped him.

As for Mariano Rivera. You can credibly argue that there are plenty of players: Williams, Dimaggio, Mantle, Aaron, Musial, Mays, Henderson, Ryan, both Robinsons (Frank & Brooks) Bob Gibson, Berra and Jeter among others who deserved the honor of a unanimous election before Rivera, but this Yankee hating Red Sox fan submits and suggests that you can’t credibly argue that Mariano Rivera didn’t deserve that honor today.