Nobody cares what you know until they know that you care

On the last Sunday of the month we publish the Worcester Tea
Party’s newsletter: This Month in Liberty. For February our introduction was about the government shutdown as a contest of wills between the President and Congress which comes from irreconcilable differences on an important issue. As is frequently the case ugly replies come in response to anything we do.

This particular response included accusations of being a Never-Trumper and that our Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a hopelessly lost cause. I’m not a Never-Trumper. I do not support those that are Never-Trumpers. I see it as an intellectual dead end that leaves no space for future victories and is ultimately self-defeating. See how well our friends at The Weekly Standard are doing.

That is not to say that I’m a Trumpeteer. There are many Trumpeteers in the Worcester Tea Party But I am an ideologue and Mr. Trump, while he has done many things that I agree with, is not an ideologue. I am a frequent Trump Defender.

I would also remind everyone that our Commonwealth is not a lost cause. Massachusetts voted for Ronald Reagan. Massachusetts used to have fair-minded Democrats who understood the limitations of government power and knew the importance of personal Liberty. And while it is hard to find such people in government today I would have no problem working with them to address the most important threat to our Republic, the enormous national debt and our oversized government.

How we respond to provocations an insult demonstrates the character that we possess. If we are to prove to our fellow citizens that our ideas are the right ones for them and for their children then we must do everything within our power to demonstrate that character. In sales it is said “…nobody cares what you know until they know that you care.” This is a good philosophy for practical politics.

Across the world there is much unrest because of politicians that don’t care much for the common citizen in those Nations. These people are more interested in strutting on the world stage than addressing the problems that their policies create for real people. In some places this will not end well. At home in our Republic we must remember we can shape our destiny and make our future the place we all want to live in.

In Liberty,
Matthew O’Brien
President Worcester Tea Party