A Guide to Fix Clicking Hard Drive with a Free Deleted File Recovery Software

If you hear a weird sound coming from your computer or laptop, you must stop using it,or the damage will get worse. Save your data and plug off the power source. Once down, you need to follow our guide to recover your hard drive.

Hard Drive is Clicking

Before anything, you must consider the following two examples,

Hard Drive is Failing

Your Hard Drive is failing and its making clicking noise, I want to know if I should create a system image even if the HD clicks or create a backup?

Deal with the Clicking Sound

Before you do anything, you need to deal with the clicking sound. To do this, you have to take care of the following steps:

You need to use the Free Deleted File Recovery Software. Download it and start the recovery process. Once you save the files, you need to focus on the clicking noise.

Hard Drive Recovery

This is the first step; once you find your hard drive is making a clicking noise, you need to avoid making any chances because it will make the damage far worse. You need to start the recovery as soon as possible. Following we ware giving you quick guidelines to start:

How to Fix the Clicking HD?

If your drive still works, you need to transfer your important data or make a backup. You need to make peace with the fact that you can’t save everything.

If your HD clicks and doesn’t boot it means it is corrupted and repairs are not possible. You won’t boot the system,but this doesn’t mean you have lost all your data. You need to find a working system and use your drive as an External HD to transfer the data to a working drive. It will work in your favor.

Now boot from the disk you made. Restart the computer and press the corresponding button. You need to access the BIOS setting, Adjust the USB drive to the first boot device under Boot Option. Save the Changes and Exit Boot Menu.

Fixing an External HD

If your External HD is making the clicking sound, don’t lose heart because you can fix it as well. The clicking sound shows your hard is damaged in some way. If you had is not detected by the window, you need to check the Disk Management and fix it.

Just make sure there is no physical damage on your hard drive. If there is some physical damage, the clicking means your Hard Drive is about to give up, it won’t read the data anymore. This is the worst-case scenario,and you might end up losing your data if you are not careful enough.


We have discussed different case sceneries of what to do if your hard drive is making the clicking sounds. We have offered you different guidelines for how to fix this issue You can recover and safekeep your data if you follow these instructions precisely, or else you will lose your HD with the data in it.