“Shout #ViveLEmpereur or else ” Explained

As I’ve been hitting a lot of tweets on twitter with the hashtag
#ViveLEmpereur and the phrase “#ViveLEmpereur or else” or “Shout
#ViveLEmpereur or else” I thought I would once more explain exactly what I mean by this. It’s very simple.

Let’s say a person decides that irregardless of actual reality they are in fact Napoleon Bonaparte.

If that person decides to dress like Napoleon, speak like Napoleon, decorates their house in a Napoleonic fashion, adopts the mannerisms and habits of Napoleon and even surgically alters themselves so they resemble Napoleon then and lives their life as if they are in fact Napoleon then that’s their business and not mine. I don’t care if my waiter, or mechanic or co-works thinks they are Napoleon but still takes my order properly, or fixes my brakes right or does their job without interfering with mine. I don’t care.

The moment said person decides to try to not only force me to pay for his delusion with my tax. Dollars or attempts to use the law to force me to cry Vive L’Empereur whenever he passes by, then it becomes my problem.

The Transgender movement is all enabling people who are lying to themselves and people have discovered that this enabling can be used as a means for to obtain power and wealth and as a weapon against their political enemies.

It is those folks who are declaring to the world “Shout #ViveLEmpereur or else “.

I refuse.

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