“Shout #ViveLEmpereur or else ” Explained

As I've been hitting a lot of tweets on twitter with the hashtag #ViveLEmpereur and the phrase "#ViveLEmpereur or else" or "Shout #ViveLEmpereur or else" I thought I would once more explain exactly what I mean by this. It's very simple. Let's say a person decides that irregardless of actual reality they are in fact … Continue reading “Shout #ViveLEmpereur or else ” Explained

The Democrats’ Best Hope

If you look at presidents over the past 40-plus years, one thing is clear: Most of them come from outside the swamp. Jimmy Carter was governor of Georgia. Ronald Reagan was governor of California. Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. George Bush was governor of Texas. Donald Trump was a businessman. All of them ran … Continue reading The Democrats’ Best Hope

The Reparations Insanity At Its Core

There are a lot of presidential candidates, eager to secure the black vote who are now crying "reparations" for slavery despite the fact that it ended 154 years ago and was paid for by literally hundreds of thousands of lives in the most horrible war in the history of the nation. So let me explain … Continue reading The Reparations Insanity At Its Core