Sorry Kamala Harris but you are a Democratic Socialist

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris claimed that she is not a socialist. This denial is captured in an article from The Hill called Kamala Harris: ‘I am not a democratic socialist’.  I’ve studied all aspects of socialism in great detail and the many positions and proposals of Harris, this denial borders on the absurd.

Socialism is one of those concepts where everyone has their own definition.  After scouring the internet I found a fantastic, but lengthy, definition in the article Five Ideas at the Heart of Socialism by Lawrence W. Reed.

1. The Pass-a-law syndrome

Almost invariably, a new law means: (a) more taxes to finance its administration, (b) additional government officials to regulate some heretofore unregulated aspect of life, and (c) penalties for violating the law. In brief, more laws mean more regimentation, more coercion. Let there be no doubt about what the word coercion means: force, plunder, compulsion, restraint. Synonyms for the verb form of the word are even more instructive: impel, exact, subject, conscript, extort, wring, pry, twist, dragoon, bludgeon, and squeeze.

2. The Get-Something-from-Government Fantasy

Government by definition has nothing to distribute except what it first takes from people. Taxes are not donations.

In the welfare state, this basic fact gets lost in the rush for special favors and giveaways. People speak of “government money” as if it were truly free.

One who is thinking of accepting something from the government that he could not acquire voluntarily should ask, “From whose pocket is it coming? Am I being robbed to pay for this benefit, or is government robbing someone else on my behalf?” Frequently, the answer will be both.

The result of this fantasy is that everyone in society has his hands in someone else’s pockets.

3. The Pass-the-Buck Psychosis

An individual is victim to the pass-the-buck psychosis when he abandons himself as the solver of his problems. He might say, “My problems are really not mine at all. They are society’s, and if society doesn’t solve them and solve them quickly, there’s going to be trouble!”

Socialism thrives on the shirking of responsibility. When men lose their spirit of independence and initiative, their confidence in themselves, they become clay in the hands of tyrants and despots.

4. The Know-It-All Affliction

The know-it-all is a meddler in the affairs of others. His attitude can be expressed in this way: “I know what’s best for you, but I’m not content to merely convince you of my rightness; I’d rather force you to adopt my ways.” The know-it-all evinces arrogance and a lack of tolerance for the great diversity among people.

5. The Envy Obsession

Coveting the wealth and income of others has given rise to a sizable chunk of today’s socialist legislation. Envy is the fuel that runs the engine of redistribution. Surely, the many soak-the-rich schemes are rooted in envy and covetousness.

What happens when people are obsessed with envy? They blame those who are better off than themselves for their troubles. Society is fractured into classes and faction preys on faction. Civilizations have been known to crumble under the weight of envy and the disrespect for property it entails.

Here are 9 components that I believe make up Democratic Socialism:

1. Collectivism, which is the denial of, or the lessening of, the unique value of everyone as an individual.  Socialism demands that every individual must sacrifice themselves in some way to the good of the many, 

2. Identity politics has always been a central pillar of Socialism and all other collectivist philosophies. 

3. Wealth redistribution via a deeply progressive tax system, which punishes the most successful, is another of the central pillars of Democratic Socialism.

4. The Welfare state, which is meant to get everyone dependent on government, is at the core of Socialism.

5. The belief that Government must solve all problems by spending massive amounts of money to solve them is another core pillar. 

6. Totalitarian socialism takes over the private sector through force, while Democratic Socialism takes over the private sector by regulating every aspect of it and nationalizing key industries, such as healthcare and energy production.

7. A distortion of reality is absolutely key to Socialism, how else do practitioners and advocates maintain that Socialism actually works, global warming is real, and so much more.

8. Propaganda is also essential.  The biased liberal media, Hollywood, and our biased educational system are perfect examples of this. How else could so many individuals be convinced that Socialism actually works and free market capitalism does not. 

9. Gun Control makes it so much easier for socialists to impose their will on others, which is why it is essential for their plans to work..

How many of my components apply to Kamala Harris?  Check out the Kamala Harris Website to answer that question yourself

Also check out this CNSNEWS.COM article.

One paragraph in the story said: “Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., is sticking by the tax plan she proposed last fall. It would give middle-income households cash payments of up to $6,000 per family. The payments would be offset by repealing the 2017 GOP tax cuts and creating a fee on large financial institutions.”

In her Tweet that linked to this PBS story, Kamala Harris said: “Nearly half of American families do not have enough cash to afford a $400 unexpected expense. It’s time we put money back in their pockets—not big wealthy corporations and the top 1%.”

Here are Kamala Harris’ views on Healthcare

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) told a CNN town hall earlier this week that she would “eliminate” private insurance, then tried to walk the remark back. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who announced his candidacy on Friday, told reporters that while he supported “Medicare for All,” he would not eliminate private health insurance.

However, both Harris and Booker were co-sponsors of Sanders’s bill, S. 1804, which would in fact ban private health insurance and employer-sponsored health insurance for any benefits also covered by “Medicare for all.”

Check out this Breitbart article titled Harris: ‘Of Course We Can Afford’ Trillion Dollars of Spending in Green New Deal.  The Green New Deal is 100 percent pure Socialism and Kamala Harris fully supports it.

This Breitbart article titled Kamala Harris Supports ‘Some Type of’ Slavery Reparations is also informative.  Here are her views on identity politics.