Wednesday Thoughts Under the Fedora: Score one for Roberts, No Incentive needed, The Slaves of “Freeattle”, Beating Depression and Unsettled Science

I’ve been pretty hard on Justice Roberts aka “Old Yellowstain” as he has thrown his supposedly conservative principles to the wind on issues like Obamacare so it’s only fair that I complement him when he reminds us that he is capable of being the conservative that he claims to be:

From the beginning, the decision handed down in the Ninth Circuit appeared irrational. They focused on a phrase in the applicable federal law saying that such a “no-bail determination” could apply to someone “when the alien is released.” The Ninth Circuit interpreted that to mean it only applied on the day that they were released and the provision disappeared at midnight. Given the logistics involved in getting ICE over to a jail to pick someone up on the same day – particularly in places where sanctuary city laws prevent police from notifying ICE – that can prove impossible. The Supreme Court’s interpretation is simply common sense.

Jazz Shaw

Jazz may be right that the 9th circuit was irrational but even so that “irrational” decision was one vote away from being upheld. John Roberts might not be the best goaltender for our right but until another liberal leaves the court he’s all we’ve got.

Tom Brady’s is in the last year of his contract and the question comes, Do the Pats sign him for another two years. I looked up Tom Brady’s current contract with the New England Patriots (you can read it here) and I noticed something interesting

Like most players Brady had incentives for certain achievements in the deal. Those incentives are for making top five in five different passing categories but no incentive for getting to or winning a Superbowl.

That’s how good Tom Brady is, there’s no point in giving an incentive for something you think he’s going to do anyways.

As bad as Massachusetts is getting in terms of liberalism it can’t yet compare to Seattle:

As I noted last month, just 100 homeless people in Seattle were responsible for 3,500 criminal cases. This special references that story. It also asked Seattle police officers to comment anonymously on what was happening and those responses are enlightening. One officer told KOMO, “People come here because it’s called Free-attle and they believe if they come here they will get free food, free medical treatment, free mental health treatment, a free tent, free clothes and will be free of prosecution for just about everything; and they’re right.”

Every day I thank my lucky stars I didn’t move to the Northwest as my wife were thinking of doing 30 years ago.

As I was in the checkout line at the grocery store today I noticed a booklet about beating depression. I know a lot of people have issues but I couldn’t help think of my parents who had to live though the actual Great Depression when a fully belly was an iffy proposition and my dad leaving school at 13 to work to help support the family was not abnormal, and of course it was followed by World War 2.

Could you imagine the snowflakes of today dealing with this stuff?

At Drudge there is a story about a giant sunfish washing ashore on a beach in Australia, there was a line in that story that caught my eye.

Sunfish generally eat jellyfish and are found in oceanic waters worldwide. They get their name from their habit of basking in the sun to warm up before they dive hundreds of metres beneath the ocean.
Foster said not a lot was known about the fish, and a new species was discovered only two years ago.

That we’re still discovering new species is pretty cool but the real lesson here is the reminder that we don’t know everything and the science is always settled until it isn’t anymore.

Nancy, Mueller and Datechguy’s 4th Law of Media Outrage

DaTechGuy’s Laws of Media Outrage are some of the most useful ways to predict how the media or the left will react in any given moment. Nancy Pelosi’s surprise announcement against impeachment this week provides an excellent excuse to promulgate the newest of these laws.

I believe that Impeachment was off the table was known by the Democrat leaders for quite a while. The problem was when to break the news to the voter and donor base whose exceptions they’ve raised on the issue. The idea was to break the news at a time when it would be least damaging to their 2020 chances.

The real question of course is how can we conclude did would be the result? Why the answer is as clear as DaTechGuy’s 4th Law of Media Outrage

The degree of media exposure of the corruption or illegality committed by any individual or organization under investigation is directly proportional to its distance from the media’s ideology.

Datechguy’s 4th law of media outrage

In other words if a target of any investigation is close to the media’s ideology (a leftist democrat) no leaks will be forthcoming and the press will happily await the end of any investigation before reporting, but if the target is a conservative or a republican, whole teams of reporters will be on the case any every leak provided by investigators will be promulgated even to the point of recklessness.

This is actually the point I made to answer Jonah Goldberg point on the Bush video during election 2016:

If we concede that Donald Trump’s character is bad, Would it be better for the country to have a President of poor character who will be under intense scrutiny by the press, pols and law enforcement agencies (Trump) or to have a President of poor character who will be given a pass and or defended by the press, the pols and apparently the FBI regardless of what they say or do (Hillary).

I double down and re-endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States! 10-8-16

Nothing has illustrated this better than the Mueller investigation/fishing expedition:

The special council’s office and the Democrat members of the various investigating committees have not been shy about providing the press with information and the press has not been shy about running with it, whether they be rumors meant to exaggerate what they have or tips to forthcoming actions (read the Roger Stone raid). But there is one thing that you can be sure of:

If team Mueller actually HAD evidence of impeachable offenses by Donald Trump Nancy Pelosi and Company would have known it 1st and the media would have known it 2nd and the GOP would have known it 3rd and Donald Trump would have been toast months if not years ago.

Rush Limbaugh might disagree with me on this and think a deeper game is being played here, and to be sure if they can somehow spin the public and/or bluff Trump into thinking they have something, they’ll act accordingly, but I say the reality is Mueller has nothing, Pelosi knows he has nothing and DaTechGuy’s 4th law of media outrage confirms it.

Closing thought:  In fairness I’m of the opinion that Pelosi and Company actually thought they would find crimes during this investigation. Democrats always project so to such people the concept that Donald Trump had not used their own corrupt tactics (Uranium one anybody) to advance his cause simply had not occurred to them and I suspect the fact that Mueller could not find evidence of actual crimes to charge the President was a bit of a shock.

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