Election 2020 Sit back and Watch…for now

As we look at the ever expanding field of Democrats there is a temptation of looking at is a a Turkey shoot.

Candidate after candidate marches forward with their own brand of insanity and the effort to push and even more radical agenda than the last to satisfy a Democrat base that has become increasingly insane.

This creates a seeming collection of sitting ducks, perfect targets for social media attacks and blogs who will have a field day with this stuff and as far as it goes that’s OK.

But as far as the party and the serious money the best advice I can give it to hold your fire, for now.

There are simply too many targets out there for an effective attack and if we narrow the field for the left we are doing their job for them. Why waste your fire on pawns that will likely never make it half way across the board.

Much better to keep their donors spending their money on a dozen candidates each convinced that just a few more dollars are all that stand between them and a shot at the White House.

And as you get closer and closer and the field narrows you’ll see anger, resentment from those who fall, and when it gets down to 3 or 4 you’ll see them go even father left thinking that perhaps that extra one percent that they can grab will be all the difference, but more than that you’ll see every dirty Trick in the book and a few unpublished ones as well.

And then when the’re down to one or two and have stuck their necks so far into the nooses that the left has provided for them, that’s the time to tie it to go all in and let them hang themselves.