Getting Out of Abortion-Law Quagmire, A Step at a Time

Shocked as many people were when New York passed its recent pro-abortion law (with a handful of other states heading in the same direction), they might not realize that at least one other state – my own New Hampshire – has been the Wild West for abortion for more than twenty years.

When then-Governor Jeanne Shaheen signed repeal of 19th-century-era abortion laws in 1997, there was nothing to replace them. She knew that.

Getting away from that position has been a matter of small steps: a parental notification law passed in 2011, and a partial-birth-abortion ban was enacted in 2012.

It’s time for another step, which the New Hampshire House might not be ready to take. On March 7, legislators will vote on a law to require collection of abortion statistics. Such bills have failed before, and prospects for this one are dim.

If we are ever to get out of our Gosnell-friendly quagmire, though, abortion statistics is will be a good step forward.

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Ellen Kolb

Ellen Kolb is a writer and pro-life activist in New Hampshire. She highly recommends that you hit DaTipJar to support independent journalism. Thank you!