Lost on Double-Think Road

by baldilocks

At The Federalist, observations of a late-stage in the pathology called postmodernist thinking.

For most of my life, outrageous humor was popular and lucrative, and those (mostly conservative Christians) who condemned it as obscene and degrading were dismissed as boring Puritans who hated fun. Transgression and irreverence were cool; the president using an intern for pleasure was something Americans needed to be more understanding about, like those sophisticated Europeans.

But this goes beyond hypocrisy. Times really have changed. The rebellion against the old manners and morality has succeeded, but those who hoped to abolish all restraint and repression were deluded. Having demolished the old taboos and manners, today’s cultural leaders are establishing their own standards.

Funny thing about “outrageous” humor: as I get older, I’m less likely to engage in it and, conversely, more likely to have a guilt-free laugh at others when they do it. Weird thing for a conservative Christian, no? Maybe. It isn’t double-mindedness, however; I just think that there are things which we presume God cares about when, actually, He couldn’t give two scoops of poop on the matter. His ways are not our own.

But, of course we know the true reason that the Left was after Tucker Carlson.

The Carlson kerfuffle provided an example of how cultural elites use manners to secure their own power and stifle dissent. (…) These [new] standards of civility are not neutral or even-handed, but protect favored factions while excluding and penalizing rival opinions.

It’s as simple as that. Mere shame-mongery, not to mention it being an attempt to get Carlson to apologize and to get him fired by his employer, Fox New. Admirably, neither folded.

The libertine prude will endorse any amount of promiscuity and accept every kink and fetish—and get the vapors at a joke that “slut shames” a woman or mocks a sexual subculture. The libertine prude will encourage children to explore their sexual identities at ever younger ages (cheering on pre-teen drag queens), yet will be outraged if someone uses the wrong pronoun.

Those on the left who condemned Carlson believe that for adult sexual pleasure, anything goes; do whatever turns you on and gets you off. But while our cultural arbiters will endorse almost anything, sexual indulgence has become serious business, fraught with intersectional pitfalls and privilege.

Leave it to leftists to take joy and fun out of sex and the humor out of almost everything.

Here’s something that needs to be understood: outside of some serious therapy – or a miracle from God – you will never be able to get a double-thinking Leftists to see the chaos in his method of viewing the world. They believe that up and down are the same. That parallel – two opposing direction being the same direction — is a simple basis for the rest of their world-view.

So don’t beat your head against something that may crack you skull when the next drama-mob finds a target like Tucker Carlson. Remember this: you can’t reason with them and if you value your life – public, professional, personal, or actual – you can’t bow down to them.

You can only tell them where to go.

And if they are clear-headed enough to realize that they don’t know which way is up, be nice enough to tell them.

But not too nice.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng has been blogging since 2003 as baldilocks. Her older blog is here.  She published her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game in 2012.

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