H.R.5 is an attempt by the Democrats in the US House to force their progressive beliefs on everyone

The United States is now, and has always been, a nation with a very diverse population. The population is not just diverse racially and ethnically, it is also very diverse religiously, culturally, and morally.  Progressives, acting through the Democratic Party, have been forcing the entire country to adopt their moral, religious, and cultural beliefs.  This has been accomplished through legislation passed by the federal government, executive orders, and Supreme Court decisions that completely disregard the exact text and plain meaning of the Constitution.

The Constitution specifically prevents the federal government from imposing one set of religious, cultural, or moral beliefs on the entire nation.  The framers of the Constitution left all of those decisions in the hands of state and local governments.

H.R.5, which is labeled as The Equality Act, is another attempt by the Democrats to force the entire nation to follow their beliefs.  The stated purpose of the act is  “To prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes.” As with everything proposed by progressives, this act sounds like it is moral and noble.   Like just about everything proposed by progressives, a careful examination of the details will prove it is neither moral or noble.

Here is how the Heritage Foundation describes H.R.5 in this article:

The proposed Equality Act (H.R. 5) turns individuals’ beliefs about their sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) into protected classes under the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1968 Fair Housing Act.  The bill creates obvious liberty, equality, privacy, and safety concerns.

H.R. 5 would empower the federal government to impose punishments on citizens who dissent from SOGI ideology, including medical professionals, parents, women and girls, businesses, and charities. The bill would violate their rights to freedom of conscience, religion, and speech. The bill would also take away the authority of local communities to determine who is allowed in single-sex facilities and whether biological men and boys are allowed to join women’s and girls’ sports teams.

According to the same article:  (all emphasis is from the original article)

Medicine will be politicized. Doctors nationwide will not be allowed to treat gender dysphoria according to their own best judgment, and even a referral to another doctor could be a violation of H.R. 5.

The doctor/patient relationship has always been sacred.  Government intrusion into that relationship has always been morally wrong and unconstitutional.

Politicization of medicine will increase pressure on parents to permit experimental uses of hormones on their children to treat gender dysphoria.

How harmful to the health of the child are these hormones and puberty blocking drugs?

Creative professionals who serve all customers, but who understand that humans are born male or female, and who believe that marriage means a union between one man and one woman, could be compelled to use their artistic gifts to create custom goods and services for events that violate their consciences, such as sex-change celebrations and same-sex marriages.

The free speech and free exercise of religion clauses of the First Amendment specifically prevent the federal government from forcing individuals to violate their religious beliefs and engage in speech and creative actions they do not wish to

Section 4 of the bill adds SOGI rules to Title III of the Civil Rights Act on “public facilities,” and would create a nationwide transgender bathroom policy—giving people blanket permission to enter bathrooms of the opposite sex, or making all facilities unisex. The danger lies not with men who genuinely identify as female and live accordingly, but with male sexual predators who will abuse the rule as an open invitation for easy access to women and girls.

Separate restrooms and locker rooms for each sex have always been a matter of safety and comfort in this country, mostly for women.  Forcing this radical policy change across the entire country is anti women, and unconstitutional.  What if young girls do not want to shower with young boys and see them naked, or been seen naked by boys?  What of their feelings and safety?

Section 5 adds SOGI rules to the Civil Rights Act’s Title V on “desegregation of public education.” It could pressure K–12 schools and publicly funded colleges and universities to teach SOGI curricula. Federal courts could require SOGI curricula the same way they ordered schools to remedy—real—racial discrimination by requiring a black history curriculum.

The federal government has no business, or constitutional authority, to force schools to teach anything they do not wish to teach.

Section 6 adds SOGI rules to the Civil Rights Act’s Title VI on “federal assisted programs.” Biological males who identify as females could claim discrimination on the basis of gender identity if they are not allowed to compete against female athletes in sports that receive federal funds (such as K–12 sports programs, as well as in public colleges and universities).

Males are physically stronger than females, that is a scientific and biological fact.  Not just allowing, but forcing the acceptance of transgender males to compete against females is anti woman.

H.R.5 is an unconstitutional attempt  by the Democrats in the US House to force their moral, religious, and cultural beliefs on every individual in this country.