The True Leaders of the Democrat Party

by baldilocks

Abe Greenwald:

Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib brought the disease of anti-Semitism into the upper echelons of the Democratic Party when they were elected in November. The party could have fought the disease. It chose instead to nurture it. And that’s when the irreversible rot set in.

The rot explains why Democrats, from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on down, are vigorously defending Tlaib’s recent lies about Arabs welcoming Jews after the Holocaust. It doesn’t matter what Tlaib or Omar say, how blunt their Jew-hatred is, or how often it’s aired. (…)

Both the Democratic leadership and the liberal media establishment will back these bigots against any and all charges of anti-Semitism in return for smooth relations with the social-justice left.

For a long time, I’ve said that nearly every member of Congress is pre-selected and screened – particularly House candidates — before he/she is allowed to run for office. Yes, allowed.

So, the anti-Semitism, hard leftism, and plain old anti-intellectualism that Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bring to the Democrat Party is no accident. And, unlike several other moronic and racist House members like Eric Swalwell, all three are double- or triple-covered by being women and by being members of various other “victim” classes: black, Muslim, Arab, Puerto-Rican, immigrant. And, unlike, say, Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee, they are very young.

What other conclusion is there to come to other that this: the Democrats have performed the Coconut Treatment on their own party.

Nancy Pelosi can’t control them, much less any white male authority figure in Congress. All of them are too afraid of being called racist, sexist, or bigoted.

Because of this, the three women are the true leaders of the congressional Democrats, and, perhaps, the entire party.

And, really? It’s refreshing to see the fruit of postmodernism out in the open and, hopefully, biting the Democrats on their own collective backsides.

I’m sure that there are hundreds more just like Omar, Tlalib and Ocasio-Cortez waiting in the wings for the fogies in the Democrat Congress to keel over and die. (And I wouldn’t put it past certain entities to speed things up.)

Yes, there will be more like the Three Amigas presenting themselves and their hard leftism, identity politics and, yes, anti-Semitism to the American public. Most of them will have sub-par reasoning skills — by design of their puppeteers. And our choices will become more starkly contrasting.

That’s when the real battle begins. Only then will we will find out what kind of country 21st-century America really is.

It won’t be long now.

Fret not. It will be fun!

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