Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey and SABLE Under the Fedora

Yesterday the Boston Red Sox managed one of the most improbable comebacks of the season against a good Texas Team using five home runs and a 9th inning save from a kid up from Pawtucket.

I don’t know if this is a turning point for the team, but if nothing else it means that those who decided they were out of playoff contention this year are being premature.

We’re a few months away from Football season and on one of the various networks they are having a viewers poll of who the best QB in 2019 is. They’re down to four, a Bracket with Drew Breeze and Pat Mahomes and one with Brady and Rogers. Barring any insanity it will come down to Brady and Mahomes and in the end Brady should win.

What people keep forgetting about Brady is that the reason age doesn’t bother him is that age effects strength and speed and neither of them were traits that made him great. It was always leadership, smarts and the ability to read defenses. Because physical prowness isn’t his primary driver the small decline there is vastly outweighted by the increase in his smarts and ability to read defenses. Unless he gets a solid injury he’ll make it to 45 or 46 as one of the top five active QB’s in the game. The only real question is this: If either before or after 45 he recognizes that his physical decline is large enough to outweigh his advantages or high enough where the injury risk becomes serious will he have the discipline to walk away?

I don’t have an answer to that question, but until that happens betting against the Pats is foolhardy.

I got out of work early yesterday and got to see the last quarter of the Toronto Golden State game. It was a fine game of evenly matched teams but for the life of me I can’t get used to the idea of so many threes. There was some critique of fouls on three pointers, but given how many players are managing to make them regularly how can you not contest them and risk a foul?

BTW while Toronto deserves congratulation those who are saying Golden State’s Dynasty is over are wrong. Neither the Yankees Nor the Patriots Dynasties were over just because they failed to win once, Until Golden State fails to make a finals for a couple of years as far as I’m concerned their dynasty is still intact.

One of the problems with a city winning so much is that people think that victory is a divine right. At the start of the Stanley Cup finals nobody gave the St. Louis Blues a shot. But they worked hard and won a rough tough hard played series on the back of a fantastic game seven performance in Goal by Jordan Binngington. If he was even slightly less incredible then Boston would have had their third title of the year.

The folks happiest in the country over this result are of course in St. Louis, the 3rd happiest are sports fans around the nation who are sick of Boston teams winning titles but if I had to name the people whose happiness is only eclipsed by the fans in St. Louis it has to be the Boston Celtics organization which has been spared the ignominy of being the only team in the town without a current title. Of course being the only team that didn’t even make it to the semi finals isn’t much better but at least they don’t have to watch a duck boat parade with the knowledge that they are the only guys without one.

Finally the SABLE baseball league that I was in ended up folding as we had trouble getting folks coordinated. I’m starting a new one on my own right after PintasticNE at the end of the month. If you have an interest keep an eye on the league sign up for Dynasty baseball looking for GERBL/SABLE league. It will be a Friday night league and a short season to give everyone a chance to try it out.

If you love baseball and think you’d be a great manager/gm this is the game for you.