The best fight is living your life in the real world.

Andrew Klavan is exactly right here on net censorship of conservatives:

What conservatives have to understand is that this is the central fight we’re in. This is where the battle for the soul of the future is taking place. We have to remember that we are not just on the right, we are in the right. And if we allow ourselves to be silenced — if we allow ourselves to be frightened — if we start to watch our words or apologize for faked misunderstandings or dial back our humor or throw our friends overboard when they misspeak, we lose.

The best way to deal with this stuff is to be unapologetic about who we are, what we believe and fearless as the disciples before the various courts that slaughtered them.

But in addition to being fearless we also have to be mindful of one thing. Reality vs non-reality.

Twitter isn’t real life, facebook isn’t real life, Pinterest isn’t real life. All of these in the end are virtual worlds. Even this blog itself, is just a set of pixels on a screen that I typed out before I went to work on Father’s day.

They are tools nothing more, and you as an individual are not made greater or lesser by how you are received on these platforms. Neither can said platforms define you unless you are unwilling to define yourself, and one does that by one’s actions.

Be who you are, be that way in your house, in your neighborhood, at the store, in your community, in your church, at your job, at your local restaurant. Define yourself in person by your words and deeds to real physical people.

And then when the twitter mobs come there will be real people who will look at these things and scoff. The people in your neighborhood, at the local store, at your church at your job and in your local restaurant or watering hole and most of all in your family will KNOW you for who you are rather than what strangers on the net say about you.

In the end it is those people who you actually have contact with each day that have a real bearing on your life as you live it, not some person not the net without such a life.

None of this means we should roll over. We should use every legal and political tool available to combat those who would censor us and label us online, but remember, while we use those tools to fight in the virtual world, don’t let the “tools” we fight bother us in the real one, because that’s where life takes place.