Let It Go

by baldilocks

Originally posted in 2014. Links current.

At, some point, black Americans, you’re going to have to let go of it. What is “it?”

It’s your worship of blackness.

Both you and I know that you worship your carcass. And those of you who do demand that others worship it as well. And if they refuse, you call them racist — or self-hating if they have any discernible black African descent.

  • Worshiping of race — and of tribe — is one of the worst forms of idolatry that there is. And all idolatry is Devil worship.
  • When alleged Christian pastors who are black promoted the candidacy of abortion-promoting Barack Obama,
  • When alleged Christian congregations which are mostly black fire their pastor for criticizing Barack Obama,
  • When black people riot over a young black criminal who caused his own demise,
  • When there is almost no activism over the tens of thousands of black people killed by other blacks every year.
  • When there is no mention of the gangs of black teenagers who terrorize white persons in dozens of cities and who have been doing so for years,
  • When a black criminal executes a white police officer and, as a result, black people celebrate,

It’s idolatry.

I wish some of you would stop playing around in churches and just join the organizations that openly admit to worshiping blackness.

Stop being cowards.

And it may seem that the Organized Left worships blackness also. But it doesn’t. The OL is merely using your carcass-worship towards its own end: destruction of this nation-state. And, as a side benefit toward the OL’s ends, it will result in your (our) extermination.

Jesus the Christ said that, immediately prior to the Last Days, nation would rise against nation. He was referring to tribal/racial conflict, but He also warned His followers to not be deceived by it. But it seems to me that many of you are fronting about following Him;  Church Games.

If you put you race before Jesus the Christ, you are not a Christian, no matter what you call yourself. You might as well become Ba’al worshipers, or, considering the rate of black abortion, Moloch worshipers.

Stop glorifying your flesh. One day you’ll be forced to stop anyway, so you might as well cease and desist while it’s relatively easy. And while there’s still time.

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