Shoplifters, come to Cook County and Chicago, “It’s open season on businesses” because of Kim Foxx

By John Ruberry

This morning on Fox Chicago’s “Flannery Fired Up” host Mike Flannery’s first guest was retired Illinois appellate court judge Sheila O’Brien. She was the driving force behind the months-long but ultimately successful struggle to name a special prosecutor in the Jussie Smollett case.

Kim Foxx, the leftist Democrat who is the Cook County State’s Attorney, already has a disgraceful record in her two-and-a-half years as the chief prosecutor in America’s second-most populous county. And it goes beyond Smollett the hoaxter.

“She doesn’t prosecute shoplifters,” O’Brien explained. “So if you own a business on North Michigan Avenue and you have a lot of expensive stuff in that business–she does not prosecute shoplifters, Why? It’s not violent.”

“All the criminals know,” O’Brien continued about Foxx. “It’s open season on businesses. That’s troubling.”

Business owners and store mangers hire employees and pay taxes, which by the way keep going up in Illinois. Those taxes are supposed to, among other things, pay for law enforcement and to provide protection for honest people. Yes, such folks do exist here.

It’s not just O’Brien speaking out. In April there was a “wilding” incident, a riot really, on North Michigan Avenue, which is a popular shopping area for suburbanites and tourists.

A Chicago alderman, Brian Hopkins, yes, he’s a Democrat too, blamed Foxx and her failure to prosecute theft and shoplifting for the mayhem.

“You don’t even get a slap on the wrist anymore,” Hopkins told Fox Chicago at the time. “You get a ride home. So that’s happening in increasing numbers and it’s disturbing and it has implications for the downtown area, where retailers are seeing their shrinkage rates from theft increase dramatically.”

Perhaps these retailers will close shop and move outside of Cook County. Or maybe they’ll look farther and join the Illinois Exodus and put down stakes in Indiana or Tennessee.

To be fair, the official policy, I believe, of Foxx is only to prosecute alleged shoplifters who steal merchandise as felons only if their haul exceeds $1,000 in value. Yet, O’Brien and Hopkins didn’t mention the $1,000 threshold in their condemnations of Foxx. In a letter sent to Foxx after the North Suburban Association of Chiefs of Police issued a “No Confidence” vote against her, the president of that group told Foxx, “It appears your strategy to address non-violent crime in Cook County is to decriminalize or ignore it, regardless of any collateral cost which is born overwhelmingly by individual communities and their police forces.”

As I pointed out in an earlier post here, Kim Foxx is what happens when you elect a leftist to enforce the law.

Oh, I just mentioned policy. Judge O’Brien told Mike Flannery, “If you look on the state’s attorney’s web site you will see that there are jobs open for policy people. Hmmm. Why is that state’s attorney hiring policy people? They have a whole division for policy. We need frontline prosecutors doing this job. If you have money for policy people and not money to prosecute shoplifting, something is wrong with that picture.”

Something is very wrong in Crook County.

John Ruberry regularly blogs from Cook County at Marathon Pundit.