The Battle of Fitchburg Finally won Planned Parenthood Leaves!

After four days of enjoying Pintastic NE 2019 and the marvelous pinball and people there the first thought that enters your mind is that for sheer joy you’re not going to find anything to top that anytime soon.

Boy wasI wrong.

After 10 years of operation, the Planned Parenthood health center in downtown has permanently shut its doors after deciding to consolidate its services in Marlboro and Worcester.

To call planned parenthood a “health center” is like calling Romano’s mkt a place where they take care of cows.

Planned Parenthood is claiming this was due to a HVAC issue at their location but anyone who has driven down main street fitchburg knows that there is no shortage of empty building that Planned Parenthood could have chosen to rent and occupy. And with a state rep who fought to help them get in and signed onto the new abortion till the day of birth bill It seems odd that they decided to up and leave instead.

Or maybe not so odd when you consider this event 26 months ago:

Fr Stephen Imbarrato of Priests for Life and sometimes EWTN personality was in Fitchburg from New Mexico for the 2nd of three days in Massachusetts invited by WQPH 89.3 FM. Both Friday and Sunday would involve events and dinners in the Boston area but after a breakfast in Medford the rest of Saturday belonged to Fitchburg and it was an active one

He would celebrate daily mass at St. Bernard’s Parish at St. Camillus Church at noon, he would be the guest of honor at a lunch at Slattery’s. He would celebrate the Divine Mercy Vigil mass at the now closed Madonna of the Holy Rosary and would hear so many confessions that evening that it would delay the Dinner at that’s church’s hall and his speech there.
But the Highlight of the day and indeed his trip was to come at 2:30 when he would lead that most Catholic and most rare of events at least around here, a Eucharistic Procession where the Holy Eucharistic the actual Body blood soul and divinity of Christ would be actually be carried in full display along the street.
It was three years ago that I had covered a Eucharistic Procession from MIT to Harvard in response to the Satanic Black Mass. Saturday’s event would not be as dramatic but the target was just as evil, the Planned Parenthood location in Fitchburg which services the Worcester location to facilitate the murder and dismemberment of pre-born babies for financial gain.

I covered that procession at the time

Neither the local press nor those who had staged counter-protests against previous pro-life events at Fitchburg’s planned parenthood considered it worth their notice (despite according to Fr. Imbarrato 200k viewers of the facebook livestream when it happened) when I look at this photo from that day I can’t help but think this:

Jesus present

If I had suggested to any liberal Catholic, you know the type who consider Eucharistic adoration a form of superstition, and have never seen a Eucharistic procession, or any member of the local press, or any of the planned parenthood supporters who had counted pro-life events at the Fitchburg location or any of the members of the city counsel who voted to let them open in the city back in 2010 that 26 months after this Eucharistic procession Planned Parenthood would permanently move out of the city of Fitchburg Massachsuetts they would have laughed in my face.

I suspect none of those people are laughing today.

The Battle of Fitchburg began the day after Scott Brown was electedand I covered it from the very start. At the Time Stacy McCain said this

My money says the Battle of Fitchburg will end with Planned Parenthood in full retreat.

It took nine years and a Eucharistic Procession but he was right.

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