The Truth is Racist… but only if Donald Trump Speaks it.

The media is still insisting that Donald Trump statement concerning Baltimore was an example of racism and that declaration is being made loudly everywhere the left is prominent.

Forgetting the fact that the cry of “racism” has been the goto of the left for decades this is particularly amazing because he is basically repeating what many other people have said.

The Former Black Mayor of Baltimore Catherine Pugh last year complained about rats and dead animals in the city.

Nobody on CNN called her a racist.

In 2016 during the campaign the Baltimore sun agreed with Trump’s assessment of the city with a story titled: Trump’s right: Declare Baltimore a ‘disaster’ and rebuild it

Nobody on MSNBC called the Baltimore Sun Racist.

In 2018 USA today declared Baltimore: The Most Dangerous big city in America

Nobody on ABC called USA today racist.

Last year the Baltimore Patch noted that the city was on Orkin’s most rat infested city list in the country.

Nobody at PBS called Orkin or the Baltimore Patch Racist.

Last year that same network PBS that didn’t call Orkin or the Baltimore Patch racist, ran a Documentary about rat infestation in Baltimore

Nobody at CBS called PBS racist.

In 2015 Bernie Sanders likened West Baltimore to a third world country.

Neither the NYT or the Washington Post and Especially Jake Tapper didn’t called Bernie Sanders Racist.

The truth of the matter is this. Everyone knows that Baltimore is a violent pit. Those who live there know it, The police who today are investigating a new murder know it, Nancy Pelosi who attacked Trump from a rooftop restaurant in Venice and whose father and brother were once mayor of the city knows it.

But nobody dares admit the problems in Baltimore, or LA, or Seattle, or any of the other big cities that have become pits after generations of exclusive Democrat one party rule.

Donald Trump’s crime isn’t racism, his crime is to point out that for all the left’s grand talk about race and equality they have left the cities they rule decay and have no intention of doing anything to change it. One might call such neglect racist, but in fairness to the Democrats we will not, because Seattle and Portland are experiencing the same thing despite small minority populations.

The left only cares about power for themselves and are completely indifferent to the people they govern, and that indifference is colorblind. It’s not racist, but it is a damnable disgrace.

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