The Site is back up again or Always listen to your Guardian Angel

Ok we’re back up (obviously) and I have a short story to tell you that you can take any way you wish.

I get out of work at midnight. When I got home from work I went to bed thinking to my self: “I need to go to confession”

I woke up early enough to go (my pastor will hear confessions between the two AM (7 & 8 ) masses but I decided I just didn’t want to get up quite yet, plus I had to do my radio show write a post about the move and call Alex about the web move etc etc etc so I decided to give it a miss figuring it could wait till Saturday morning.

Three hours later my call was made and my post was written but before I could schedule it or record the radio show the site was suddenly down. Had no idea why. Contacted my hosting service they told me it would be at least a day before it was back up. I couldn’t even access the control panel of parts of it.

I checked the site regularly during the day, it remained down. When I went to bed at 2 am it was still down.

This morning I woke up early enough to make confession before mass. I headed to the church and found my pastor was walking his three dogs between the mass. So instead I went to the adoration chapel and prayed, then went to the 8 am mass and after mass he heard by confession and absolved me.

From there I went to two banks to do some errands and came home, spoke to my wife for a few minutes and then came upstairs to check the site.

It was up.

The real irony? The last post that made it up before the site crashed was on the cultural changes that led to a society that has mass shootings titled:

How Dare God leave us when we asked him to!

You’d think a guy hosting a Catholic radio show and author of a book on the Hail Mary would know better. What did Christ say about the plank in your own eye again?

Next time I unexpectedly wake up early enough for confession and Mass I think it just might be a good idea to go.

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