I’d be Lying If I told you this wasn’t a kick in the balls

With my current job and shift my ability to cover campaigns isn’t what it used to be when, thanks to the Obama economy, I was not employed and found myself writing instead.

But with POTUS on his way to NH and only an hour’s drive away and having a few spare vacation days I figured I could take a day and go cover his Manchester Rally, so I put in my request for a vacation day and went to the donaldtrump.com website to request press credentials keeping an eye on the page to see when or if they would be granted.

I figured I shouldn’t have too much trouble, after all.  I’ve coveredcampaigns congressional, senatorial and presidential.  I was been credentialed for both the 2010 Scott Brown victory party and the less pleasant Mitt Romney one.  I’ve been in the spin room after a GOP debate questioning Herman Cain and covered Rick Santorumin 2012.  Ben Carson and Ted Cruz have sat or stood for interviews with me.  I’ve been credentialed at CPAC for years, covered political events in NH for years and even covered the Trump Campaign the last time around questioning him twice at press conferences and both times getting a positive reaction from him for my questions, both in NH

and in Worcester MA when he spoke the quote that is the banner on my blog and on my business card

In both cases I was one of the very few people in the room not out to destroy him. So I was feeling pretty good about things.

So I got myself ready. My Vacation day was approved yesterday, rather lucky on short notice, started getting my equipment ready, identified what I considered the most significant story in relation to the trip (see my lead post tomorrow for that) and started going over what I might as the President if I got the chance to pose a question once again, finally deciding that the question would be dependent on the answers his supporters gave me in interviews on and off camera before the event.

Then this afternoon around 4 PM I checked my status and saw this.

It would have been a great honor to be credentialed press at a Presidential event outside of CPAC, it would have been an even greater honor as a blogger to pose a question to a sitting president.

Apparently Team Trump has decided I’m not worthy of that honor.

The Irony of course is that there will likely be no shortage media members who hate the president, hate his voters and dream of the chance to derail his campaign that will be in that building spinning away to achieve that goal I would have thought it would have been good to have at least one ally in that crowd and one person who might ask a neutral rather than a loaded question. But it’s not my decision to make.

There’s always the chance they’ll change their mind so I’ll keep my eye on that link to see if they change their mind. Thursday is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary so I’ll be off to morning mass that day. If I get home and the status is changed, then I’ll pack up and head north to do a long days work.

But if the worst that happens to me on Thursday is that things remain as they are then I’ll have had a pretty good day. My primary regret will be that I burned a vacation time on a day that my wife works when I didn’t have to.

But as the title of the post suggests I’d be a damn liar If I told you I wasn’t feeling a bit down.

Chris Cuomo and the Left Suddenly Don’t like the New Rules (and what’s with the #fredo stuff?)

I’m completely confused.

When leftists were harassing people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders instead of universal condemnation there were huge debates on TV justifying these actions.

People well known to the public, people in media, in entertainment and who hold office were out there suggesting that she had it coming and that such people were to be driven out of the public square.

Now apparently these same rules that the folks on the left have been proudly advancing are being used on Chris Cuomo and suddenly people are shocked SHOCKED that such a thing could happen when a man is out with his wife and daughter.

As Kurt Schlichter said apparently the left doesn’t like the new rules they’ve propagated, frankly neither do I but I’m a Jacksonian so until these rules are no longer applied to folks on the right, folks on the left should not expect to eat a meal in public in peace.

As I said, I think these rules suck, I further think that such a person bugging a man out with his wife and kids is an ass and a disgrace and that if Cuomo or any person in such a situation felt that his family was in physical danger, he or she would be justified to use force, even deadly force to protect them.

But if a guy’s just being an ass, then as long as these new rules are in effect then Cuomo and anyone else on the left needs to be willing to take it and has no business complaining about them.

Of course if they are willing to drop these new rules and go back to the idea that people should act with civility, even to their political foes, and call off their thugs then I’ll happily agree to suggest the same.

Closing thought, I understand that Chris Cuomo played the race card equating “Fredo” as a racial slur against Italians equal to the the use of “nigger” as a racial slur against blacks (I don’t play these “N-word” games). I find the comparison incredibly offensive on two levels.

Firstly there is a long history of dehumanization, murder and oppression associated with the word in question when directed toward not just American blacks but black folk worldwide.  To equate hundreds of years of Murder and oppression associated with this phrase with being tagged with the name of a character in a movie from the 70’s by some ass in a restaurant is so asinine so tone deaf and frankly so beyond the pale that I can hardly believe any sane person would attempt to make such a comparison and am shocked that the black community is not up in arms over it.

Secondly and personally offensive to me, is Cuomo is an Italian American, so am I.  I’ve spent all my life around Italian Americans and I have never in my entire life seen any Italian so weak as to whine at being called a name.  Since when does any Italian give a damn what any non-Italian thinks of him?  Since when do we wilt and cry “racism”?  I’ve never seen any Italian I know be so craven. but in fairness most of the Italians I know are Sicilians and we don’t bend to anyone except God.

What a disgrace to the Italian race!