Writers Block Blog Update/Move Thoughts Under the Fedora

Usually 2nd shift is a good shift to for me when blogging because as a general rule when I wake up my mind is full of thoughts that produce posts and I can literally get two or three things written before I leave the bed. However occasionally when I’m overtired and crash hard I’ll drift in and out of sleep and wake up without a thought in my mind.

Like today

So I think I’ll just write a bit about the move to this point.

I’m typing this in the new site (although it’s not totally live yet) We won’t be actually going live till all the accounts are set up and at least August’s posts are moved over. Since all the posts have to be moved manually one by one the idea is to write the posts here, then copy and paste the HTML to the new site via the backdoor I found. Not so worried about losing the links since once we go live datechguyblog.com will point here so the links will work

I’m sticking with the current theme which I’ve really taken a fancy to. This is a disadvantage in moving posts as the blog will look the same So I’ve left the default header photo which is a bunch of carrots. so people can tell the difference. If you’re really dying to see what the site currently looks like it’s here. When you see the carrots go then you’ll know that datechguyblog.com is pointing here. I am curious about the current speed

As for the old location the eventual plan is to move all the posts from the last 8 years here but it’s a lot of work so since I’m paid up with GoDaddy for a while the plan is to point an old domain of mine datechguyondaradio.com to the old site once this one is up so I can easily access the old posts without using the wayback machine to get them moved. That means an awful lot of old links are going to fail for a while but as I explained already they will all work once here.

Since every single bit of the blog has to be re-added It’s highly likely that a bunch of categories will disappear with a few new one replacing them, same with tags and the same with the blogroll. What stays, what goes and what is new. And most importantly what plugins will I install? Well you’ll find out when I do.

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