Sorry Reason I’ll Take Reagan, Cruz, Palin, Trump and Sherman over You

One of the things I’ve been talking about for years is the Need to fight back against the left and how those who have advanced conservatism the best have done so.

I invoked it concerning Ronald Reagan:

The film was a stroll down memory lane as I watched again saw a young Joe Biden, a young Chuck Schumer and members of the media, many still alive, attacking Ronald Reagan as a fool , a dunce , an uncaring and unfeeling warmongering ogre who would destroy the country at best and the world at worst and recalled my own history professor at what was then Fitchburg State College saying how much Ronald Reagan scared him..
I laughed inside as those media and political giants insulting Ronald Reagan in the public forums that they had exclusive control of at the time never suspecting they would fail utterly to harm his popularity but decades later they would be using 
Reaganesque as a positive adjective for people like Barack Obama.

I invoked it when talking about Andrew Breitbart back in the day:

How does he suggest maintaining the winning streak that began with Scott Brown and continued through NY-9, staying on offense!

Go after academia, the strategy; be petty.  Be extraordinary petty.  All new media is local.  When you see something local send it to me, I’ll make sure it is national!
And it’s that national exposure, fueled by minute men armed with videophones net connections and twitter that he intends to use over a generation to slowly restore the bedrock cultural theme of America as the solution rather than the problem.

I invoked it when I talked about Sarah Palin:

Unlike the letter which burned in the torching of Washington two years later. Sarah Palin’s Facebook page attacking the president’s priority, the healthcare bill, is still available online but it was no less blunt decrying the government role in rationing care as “death panels”. It produced more consternation by the MSM, but she would not yield an inch. Message after message would be penned by Palin that would reach millions of readers through her Facebook page and her Book. Rush Limbaugh trumpeted her methods and her embrace of the Tea Party movement. He had her as a guest to promote her book which would sell millions of copies totally bypassing the media that held her and them to such scorn while MSM. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC continued to deride him as an entertainer, her as politically irrelevant and the tea party as racists.

I invoked it when I talked about Ted Cruz

Senator Cruz has been fighting the good fight from the very day that he got into the senate.  He has held up a light to an institution that thrives on show votes and phony considerations.  He has done all he can Even as the He has, in my opinion made the right strategic decisions doing his best either win key battles or force democrats to go on the record to support theirs.  He has completely justified the initial endorsement years ago from Sarah Palin that put him on the map and enabled his victory over the establishment GOP choice in Texas.
He has fought against Obamacare
He has fought against the Iran Deal
He has fought against the Planned Parenthood
He has fought against Gay Marriage
He has fought against Amnesty
and he has done so even in the teeth of opposition of his own party and has even called them out when doing so.

I invoked it when I endorsed Donald Trump

And of course he FIGHTS, nobody has hit the media or Clinton like Donald Trump has and his willingness to do so has been the difference between some stories being ignored or not.  For example if Donald Trump was not running would the MSM have talked about the Katie Steinle murder at all?

So with all due respect to the folks at reason who don’t like the idea of fighting back against the left’s cancel culture with the exact same tactics they are using I submit and suggest that they are forgetting their history and thus I leave them first with the words of to General Sherman

“We cannot change the hearts of those people of the South, but we can make war so terrible…that generations pass away before they again appeal to it.”.

So here is. We can not change the left’s feelings toward us unless we abandon free speech and the principles we hold dear.  We can not change these people unless we submit and we are fools to try to do so.  All we can do is make it clear that these new rules will be applied to him vigorously and unrelentingly to the point where generations will pass before they consider applying them again.

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