Has any Player had Less Leverage with a Team than Antonio Brown with the Patriots?

This was the opening weekend of the NFL season and on all the NFL shows the lead story was a player that did not play week 1.

In terms of a sports story it’s Amazing A top five wide receiver in the league, arguably the best, joins the best quarterback of all time on a team that has just won their sixth Superbowl and was already favored to win a seventh this season. 

By all reports Antonio Brown is a very hard worker who really throws himself into their game.  He will almost certainly draw double teams which is great news for Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon, Demaryius Thomas, Sony Michael and every other Patriot except for the 53 man on the roster for the Pittsburgh game yesterday.

The oddest thing?  Has a player ever had less leverage with a team he is on?

Think about it for a second. Let’s say for just for the sake of argument that all of the predictions being made by all the Sunday NFL shows are correct and that Antonio Brown’s prima donna act is in full swing in New England and reaches a breaking point where Belichick lays down the law, either shape up or you’re gone.

You’ve got a team that just won a Superbowl without him, a team that was already favored to go back to the game and a Quarterback in possibly the last year of his contract who still think he has something to prove. What’s the downside for the Pats if they cut him? The worst that happens is the betting line get slightly worse on them AND the best that happens is Tom Brady has yet another motivation to prove himself to the pundits who will all declare how losing Brown hurts the Pats chances.

Meanwhile what’s the downside for Brown? You not only become the guy in a contract season who has confirmed to every GM in the league that you are uncoachable, but you also are likely to have the displeasure of having to watch a coach, a GM an owner and the team that drops you hold a Lombardi trophy over his head.

Antonio Brown may not understand this but I bet his grandmother who he called when he was released and his agent does.

I think Antonio’s Brown is going to keep his nose so clean you can eat off of it and if he doesn’t it will be for the same reason that Josh Gordon fails, if he does, because he’s not physically capable of doing it.

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