Trump’s Immigration Plan is Working

In their continuing policy of ignoring good news about the Trump administration, the mainstream media failed to note the significant decrease in the number of illegals crossing the Mexican border.

The Border Patrol arrested about 72,000 people who tried to sneak across in July — a reduction of almost half compared with the peak of two months ago.

That means that the policy of forcing Mexico to handle more immigrants from Central America has worked well.

Mexico has 26,000 troops deployed to focus on immigration. More than 10,000 of
those are on its southern border with its Central American neighbors, and more than 15,000 others are up north.

Mexico also agreed to expand its cooperation with the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocol, a policy of taking asylum seekers from Central America who cross Mexican territory and sending them back to Mexico to wait for their cases to be heard in U.S. immigration courts.

Customs and Border Protection said some 30,000 migrants have been returned to Mexico under the protocol. Border cities that were so overwhelmed that they declared states of emergency are getting back to normal, with drops of 70% or more in the regions of El Paso, Texas, and Yuma,

The cooperation between the United States and Mexico also means that the number of people being held at the border has dropped dramatically.

While border facilities had more than 19,000 people in custody at one point in June, there were about less than 5,000 last week.

As the Democrats prepare for their debate this week, it’s worth noting that DaTimes and NPR’s most recent polling shows that 67 percent of Americans do NOT favor an open border with Mexico. Twenty-seven percent favor an open border, with 6 percent having no opinion.

If there’s any indication that the Democrats and the media are out of step with the rest of the country, immigration is an example of just how much they both don’t get it.

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