Academia is to blame for the radical nature of the Democrat Presidential candidates

The current crop of radical Marxists vying for the Democratic Presidential nomination are the end result of 50 years of the Marxist indoctrination that takes place on our college campuses. The fact that one of them might win the presidency demonstrates how critical the level of indoctrination has become.  I’m not the only one to come to this conclusion, it was also reached by the author of this American Thinker article

For those who are wondering how the Democrats could have produced such a distinguished slate of the sanity-challenged, it is because of radical liberal control of America’s colleges and universities.  The Marxist radicals of yesterday became college professors of today, seizing ideological control of much of America.

Just as Saudi-funded Salafist religious schools have radicalized large swaths of the Islamic world, American universities are radicalizing an increasingly large share of America.  This is aided by the fact that nearly 70% of kids now go to college, where most of them are taught not to think.

The author of the article made many important observations about the wide reaching negative consequences of the overwhelming Marxist indoctrination that go way beyond just the radical presidential candidates.

It is in the American university where the battle is being lost.  Parents sacrifice for and encourage their sons and daughters to attend these universities with the best of intentions, thinking they are the gateway to a better life.  The university returns them as Bernie Sanders acolytes who think Beto O’Rourke whispers words of wisdom. 

This also explains the increasing media radicalization.  These propagandists are the product of these same universities.  Conservatives who think media bias is the biggest threat in the country aren’t quite right.  These media representatives are a product of academia.  They were propagandized first before becoming mouthpieces themselves.  Just about every candidate on stage was radicalized at an American university.  Every K–12 teacher in America also has a liberal arts university degree, which again explains how so many schools have morphed from educational institutions into propaganda factories. 

These universities are doing all in their power to ensure they reach all the students with their propaganda and social engineering.  Even engineering and science majors are forced to take classes from these propagandists in the interest of producing “well rounded students,” a euphemism for indoctrinated liberals.  There are only a handful of colleges left that aren’t infected with this disease.

My favorite author, Thomas Sowell, has written a great deal about the Marxist indoctrination, and he is a much more eloquent author than I am.

Education is not merely neglected in many of our schools today, but is replaced to a great extent by ideological indoctrination. Moreover, it is largely indoctrination based on the same set of underlying and unexamined assumptions among teachers and institutions.

If our educational institutions — from the schools to the universities — were as interested in a diversity of ideas as they are obsessed with racial diversity, students would at least gain experience in seeing the assumptions behind different visions and the role of logic and evidence in debating those differences.

Instead, a student can go all the way from elementary school to a Ph.D. without encountering any fundamentally different vision of the world from that of the prevailing political correctness.

Walter E. Williams, another of my favorite authors, had this to say on the subject of Marxist indoctrination.

In keeping Americans ill-educated, ill-informed and constitutionally ignorant, the education establishment has been the politician’s major and most faithful partner. It is in this sense that American education can be deemed a success. The education establishment and politicians, particularly Democratic politicians, work hand-in-glove to further both of their goals. The education establishment makes large payments into the political campaign coffers of politicians, and politicians return the favor with large government education expenditures.

Impossible Whopper Accidental Review

Thanks to Tuesday’s 15 inning Redsox game I found myself unable to sleep when it was finished not falling asleep until nearly 4 AM. This messed my schedule up completely as I had to record this week’s Your Prayer Intentions among other things so by the time I woke (11 am) and recording Your Prayer intentions It was 1 PM.

And that’s when my son walked in the room and handed me an Impossible Whopper.

He and his mother had gone to Burger King for lunch and as he is under the same vow as me (my wife is not) has used the impossible Whopper to maintain his vow while sating his craving for meat. I had no interest or intention to ever have an impossible Whopper as I couldn’t see the point in paying more money for no beef and it’s not as if I don’t like Pizza or fish, but as this was bought for me it was a good chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Now in fairness I’m not Big on Burger King, the quality of their meat is such that I eat their food before work at my peril and their fries are the worst in the business by far I thought I should mention this up front so you know my biases before reading

Appearance, smell etc:

Without a question the texture, smell and feel of the Impossible Whopper is indistinguishable from a regular Whopper. This is very important because part of the taste of any kind of food is generated by anticipation. By all of these markers the impossible Whopper fits the bill and then some. The only difference if any would like likely be if it sits for a time as there is no fat for the bun to absorb, although in fairness the broiler at Burger Kings are not conducive to that as much of the liquid drips off during cooking.


I must confess that it wasn’t bad at all. It did have the taste of a burger, in fact I’m sure I’ve tasted burgers much like it and with the toppings of a Whopper (I have mine without pickle and tomato) I’m sure that it would pass for one to many people although for me it seemed that it didn’t have the taste of a Whopper to me but in one respect this is a little hard to judge because of course you KNOW that it isn’t beef before you take that bite and I’m not sure that this didn’t cloud your judgement a bit.


The real difference between this and a burger in general and a Whopper in particular is the aftertaste. I found that the Impossible Burger left a slightly weird taste behind after you ate it, not a bad taste, but a taste I wasn’t used to. In my opinion most people will not have this aftertaste because they will be eating it with fries and a drink in a value meal so you will have the taste of the fries and drink to normalize or eliminate the after taste, but as I dislike Burger King fries since they changed their formula early in the decade my son only bought me the Whopper and as the Impossible Whopper is more expensive than regular beef it’s unlikely that it will be discounted and sold outside a meal deal.


If you wish to avoid eating meat for medical, cultural or religious reasons but like the idea of a burger in general or a Whopper in particular, the impossible Whopper certainly fits the bill. It gives enough of the taste of a burger to do the job but I would not advise substituting it for beef of any quality, but then again if you are looking for quality beef you aren’t running to Burger King anyways but if you’re craving the Whopper, and sometimes you just are, it will do the trick but for my money if you really a dying for a Whopper, I’d get the real thing.