FINALLY Free of GoDaddy!

Well today is a day that I had hoped we would see about three weeks ago and had anticipated to see this sunday (that’s why I had been counting down in tweets) but is finally FINALLY on our new host and off of GoDaddy.

Now technically we are not completely free of them, one of my old Domains is supposed to be is pointing to the old un-updated blog until we get everything moved, and GoDaddy being Godaddy that isn’t working so I might have to use the wayback machine to get all those old posts moved, (so if you’re looking for an old post in what is now a dead link, that’s where it is) but regardless of that from this point on when you go to it won’t be with them.

For several years the show with GoDaddy was the same, a problem would arise and the solution was always an upsell. Give us money and the problem will go away. As the problems built up the site got slower and as the site got slower it was costing us subscribers and thus the means to keep going.

Finally after this final time when I’d had enough and was actually at the point where after more than a decade I was going to say “To Hell with it” but enough of you came through including a pair of subscribers large enough to pay for the new hosting and SSL

Alas the DaDatabase was so corrupt that it simply wasn’t possible to export it without a prohibitive so a clean install was called for and the plan made for us to move posts ourselves while the DNS details were finalized.

Finally this weekend our new service needed to do a tweak, but there was a problem with GoDaddy’s control panel so having my password etc for the move he chatted with them and the problem could be fixed…for a price and a commitment of 3 more years to them.

As this is a Catholic blog we won’t print his reaction.

thus the soft launch that was scheduled for the 20th and the hard launch scheduled for the 22nd was toast as he decided to find another way around the problem with out paying the exit tax so Viola we’re finally here.

The site should be running faster and as we move post old links will become live again but the bottom line is barring some other disaster, we’re not going anywhere for a while.

FYI, some of you might have expected a huge design change but I liked our last design, without a corrupted database it might have run a lot faster and loaded a lot better so until I get sick of it, we’ll just stick with the Chris Muir themed banner up top.

As for the old posts, we’ll if we get datechguyondaradio pointing properly at the old site then it should be very easy but long, if we can’t then it’s going to be long and hard to get them back but to quote the famous line from Cannonball run “What’sa behind me is not important”!

UPDATE: Datechguyondaradio is pointing properly but if you are trying to email me at datechguy at datechguyblog dot com I likely won’t see it for a few days.

3 thoughts on “FINALLY Free of GoDaddy!

  1. The site is certainly a lot more lively, and I thoroughly approve of not changing the design. Now let’s see if the commenting system, which has been dead for some time, has come back to life.

  2. Glad to read that you got the site converted over and up and running. I’m looking forward to more good content from all youall

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