Nancy’s Charge or the “It’s our last shot for 2020” Impeachment Inquiry

Right now there is has been a sudden pivot toward impeachment in the house.

The media and the left have gone all in on it as they have every single time and like every other time not only is there no “there” there but even if they thought this Ukraine stuff had legs there is no time for a full investigation before the election.

That being the case, why are they even considering going all in on this, the answer is simple:

The know they are toast in Election 2020.

With the economy going strong, the president’s popularity soaring and trust in the complicit media at an all time low they understand that their chances of winning next November were slim to begin with and with the clown show of candidates all dying to give free healthcare to illegal aliens and tax the hell out of businesses Slim just left town.

An impeachment inquiry is a roll of the dice, a last desperate chance to energize and placate the base while holding back a vote that will doom them in the house.

The whole “impeachment inquiry” will be all about her getting the time to make that calculation and if she decides that a vote will cost her the congress she can declare that there is simply not enough evidence to move forward or that it’s too close to the election for the vote

If it actually comes to a vote expect it to be close, you can be sure that Pelosi will calculate that Democrats who are in most danger of an AOC inspired challenger will vote “yes’ while those in most danger of losing a seat due in a swing district if they support impeachment will vote “no”.

Nancy Pelosi understands that it’s a long chance, but like General Lee who was in command the last time Democrats tried to overthrow the government she also understands that she can’t win without long chances. So here we are.

But do not doubt for a minute that if these jokers thought they could win in 2020, they would sit back and let events take it’s course. This is as desperate a roll of the dice as Picket’s Charge and will likely have the same amount of success:

Final thought, ironically also like Picket’s charge the idiots who lead this suicidal political move will be celebrated by Democrats for generations.