This is the Part Where we Throw our Heads Back and Laugh

Sometimes life is tough and you need a reason to smile, here’s one:

Readers of women’s magazines have had a rough few years. Every few months another titan falls and today we are mourning the UK print edition of Marie Claire, which at 31 has had its life cut short by the prolific killer, “social media”. Its other victims include Lucky, More!, Look and InStyle UK. Marie Claire will live on in the digital afterlife (and in print in other markets where it continues to be published, such as Australia, France and the US), alongside Glamour, which went digital first in 2017, cutting its print edition to twice a year.
It is 
an epidemic. Cosmopolitan saw its print circulation drop by a third in the last half of 2018; weeklies Woman and Woman’s Own were down 20% and 19% respectively. Now magazine dropped 43%.

There seems to be some mystery as to why this is happening particularly given this bit of info from the piece

The sad thing is that the current purge is happening at a time when women’s magazines are less sexist and more progressive than they ever have been.

You mean this new “woke” direction isn’t boosting sales? Who wouda thought it? BWAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

Via Ace of Spades whose team knows how to put a smile on my face during a tough week:

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